Is She Playing Games By Not Texting Back?Is She Playing Games By Not Texting Back?

It’s very upsetting when we don’t receive a text response from someone we truly like, but if you believe you’re the only one, let me assure you that this is a common occurrence for men all over the world.

Everybody has had situations where they sent a message to their crush but didn’t receive a text back. 

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind her delayed response as well as the implications of a woman not texting you back.

So make sure to stick around as we are going to learn a lot today!

Is She Playing Hard To Get By Not Texting Back?

It’s extremely possible, especially if the girl you’re after is stunning.

Beautiful women don’t have to work hard to attract men; many men will pursue them even if their chances of earning love are slim.

Women strive to screen out low-value males by playing hard to get because of the intense competition.

If she is attractive, it is very possible that not texting you back or taking a long time to text you back is part of her strategy.

However, if she is an average-looking lady and still does not text you back right away, it implies that she is not interested in you.

I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I’ve noticed that average-looking women do not have great expectations for their ideal man, therefore they rarely put their man to the test.

Beautiful women, on the other hand, have a lot of expectations and observe a lot of things about a guy before choosing him.

Signs She’s Playing Games

Now, let’s look at the signs that she will show if she is playing games with you.

1: Taking A Lot Of Time To Reply

Even if she is online, she does not respond immediately to your text messages.

It hurts a lot when this happens, but keep in mind that not responding even after being online could be part of her strategy.

In this case, you have two options. The first is to just send her another text asking if she is busy and why she isn’t responding promptly. The second option is to simply wait and let her respond whenever she wants.

Regardless of whatever road you take, first or second, you will note that even though she takes her time to respond, she always responds to you.

She always responds because she doesn’t want to lose her connection to you, which indicates that she is somewhat interested in you. However, she doesn’t want to respond right away because she wants to be seen as a high-value girl and she also wants to see how long you can wait for her.

2: Giving One Word Responses

Her replies would be quite dull, consisting largely of one or two words. It will constantly appear that she is attempting to end the conversation or is uninterested.

She’d strive to keep the talk dry. If this is happening to you, if she is giving you limited-word responses, it may feel like you should give up, but don’t; instead, be yourself and keep responding to those frigid replies.

Don’t be afraid of those dry texts; instead, attempt to find ways to make those dry dialogues more fun and engaging.

3: Sudden Change In The Way She Texts You

If she has just begun ignoring your texts, it is a significant indication that she is testing or toying with you.

Women normally do not do this unless they have an argument or quarrel with their lover.

If nothing happened between you, but she is now acting as if she is upset about something or her texts feel as if she doesn’t want to talk to you now, don’t worry because it is definitely part of her strategy. It might be a good thing because she is testing you to see if you will be the best choice for her.

4: She Tells You That She Is Quite Busy Nowadays

When you question her why she doesn’t respond to your texts, she always says she has a lot of work or that she is really busy right now.

However, you can determine whether she is truly busy or if she is lying to you about being busy.

Apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook display when the person was last online, so you can see how frequently she comes online. If she is lying to you, you will notice that she goes online frequently or shares a lot of stories and images.

If she ignores your texts and lies about being busy, it’s conceivable she’s testing you to see how you’ll react, or she simply doesn’t care about you and isn’t interested in you.

What To Do

Here are some of the things you can do if she is deliberately ignoring your texts recently.


Waiting is the best course of action when a lady is playing or testing you. Once she is finished testing you, she will resume her regular behavior. So don’t get too tense, just wait for some time and see.

Be Yourself

You don’t need to become too emotional; just respond as usual. The best you can do is to simply attempt to be yourself.

She will begin to take you more seriously if she discovers that despite her rigorous testing, you have not changed.

Don’t Try Hard To Please Her

Don’t make an effort to impress her or get her attention. Giving her too many compliments could be counterproductive because they’ll start to lose their impact and eventually sound monotonous.

Keep them for later use and only utilize them when necessary.

Build Yourself

You can use your leisure time to better yourself while she ignores or responds slowly to your texts. Women have been shown to be more drawn to males who are more valuable.

Chase money, ladies will chase you, a wise person once said.

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