why do girls sit on the dryer

At first sight, everything appears to be fine, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it’s something much deeper.

You must understand what it signifies if you find your daughter or sister sitting on a dryer. In this post, I’ll explain what it implies when a girl sits on a dryer and why she does so. So please read the entire post.

Why Do Girls Sit On The Dryer

The straightforward response is that she is enjoying herself. Her body is shaken by the vibration the dryer creates, those shakes release oxytocin and make her feel good.

It is a self-gratification act. Women are no different from males, they both seek various forms of self-pleasure.

You should let her do whatever she is doing because she is only recently realizing some mysterious pleasure sources in her body.

Perhaps she doesn’t believe sitting on the dryer is wrong, or perhaps she does it because it makes her feel like she is riding a horse. I don’t think It is not sinful. People enjoy engaging in activities that make them feel happy.

If it has become into an addiction for her, there is a pretty simple method to stop the obsession: arrange your dryer properly.

If you arrange it properly, the dryer won’t shake much and won’t provide much pleasure to her. Eventually, she will quit sitting on it because it no longer provides the same level of satisfaction.

Alternatively, if you have the money, you might buy a new dryer. However, before doing so, be sure to assess the dryer’s stability as there are many dryers that are expensive but they still shake uncontrollably.

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Some Other Reasons

Here are some more reasons why she likes to sit on a dryer.

1: It’s Fun

Perhaps she is not sitting on it for pleasure, but rather for fun. Being human, we all desire enjoyable experiences in our life. Fun activities give us a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Perhaps she feels extremely bored and lacks activities these days, which is why she occasionally rests on the dryer to pass out some time.

You can certainly question your daughter or sister about it if you want to receive confirmation on it. If she says that she does that because she is bored while alone in her room, it is clear that she is not engaging in the activity for its own sake but rather to relieve the boredom.

2: She Is Protecting Her Clothes

Maybe she is protecting her clothing and ensuring everything is in order. If she is sitting on the dryer and using her phone, and her countenance is normal, it suggests that she is not doing so purely for amusement but rather to ensure that her clothes are being washed properly.

The facial expression can also convey a lot of information at times. Girls are generally skilled at hiding their feelings, so you might need to pay closer attention to extract some information.

Additionally, if this is the case, she might not always be sitting on the dryer; instead, you might only notice her there sometimes.

3: She Is Just Checking How It Feels To Sit On A Dryer

Perhaps she simply wants to experience the sensation of sitting on a dryer because she has likely heard that it is pleasant. Humans are naturally inquisitive, so perhaps she is sitting on the dryer out of curiosity rather than out of want.

You have probably attempted a lot of strange things in your life after hearing about them from friends or relatives, I’m pretty sure. Because we all experiment with different things throughout our life, it makes sense that she would be giving sitting on the dryer a try simply to see how it feels.

4: Her Friend Gave Her This Idea

Maybe her buddy told her about it, and she persuaded her to try it, which is why she was sitting on the dryer. We all follow the advice of our friends. It makes no difference whether the advice is dumb or life-changing.

We are heavily influenced by our friends, thus having a solid friend group is critical! If you suspect she is in a negative friend group, you should talk to her about it because a child’s future is heavily influenced by her circumstances.

If she spends most of her time with nice people, she is more likely to have a good attitude; nevertheless, if she spends most of her time with bad people, she may also have a bad mindset.

Tell her why it is a bad idea and how it can harm her career if she is hanging out with bad people. It is your responsibility to protect the lives of your child or sibling. If you accurately explain it, she’ll undoubtedly comprehend.

5: The Dryer Is Shaking Way Too Much

It’s possible that your dryer shakes excessively, and in an effort to control it, she sits on it. Although unlikely, it’s nevertheless feasible.

There are bad firms that made dryers of poor quality. Perhaps your dryer is far too old or was constructed by a subpar manufacturer.

Because they are so noisy, I particularly detest dryers that shake excessively. I prefer working in a calm environment as a blogger so that my mind can generate quality articles. Whatever the reason, having a dryer that doesn’t make a lot of noise is crucial. Perhaps your job calls for a quiet environment.

When to Take It Seriously

If she sits on it frequently, you should talk to her about it, because an underage girl doing this frequently does not feel safe, and as a parent or elder, you should tell her that it is inappropriate.

However, it is still up to you because, while I can only advise, it is ultimately up to you to take action.

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