My Girlfriend Slapped Me What Should I Do?My Girlfriend Slapped Me What Should I Do?

It is very possible to choose the wrong mate for oneself in this world of 8 billion people. According to one survey, approximately 19% of people are unhappy in their relationships, and some even have daily furious conflicts with their partners.

Nobody deserves a relationship in which conflicts and physical violence occur on a regular basis.

If your partner recently hit you, this post can help you mend your damaged heart.

Let’s get started!

My Girlfriend Slapped Me, What Should I Do?

You must leave her if you did nothing dumb and did not deserve a slap. Physical violence is never appropriate under any circumstances.

If she slapped you over a minor issue, or if she slaps you or attempts to physically damage you on a daily basis, it definitely suggests that she has no love for you in her heart.

You should stop living with someone like her, and you should entirely remove her from your life since today is a slap. Tomorrow could be more, and the day after tomorrow she might use a weapon, who knows?

Physical violence is not a solution to a problem; on the contrary, it would serve as fuel, igniting the flames even more.

She basically overstepped all boundaries by slapping you, and you must understand that sharing a home with someone like her might make your life miserable.

Therefore, if you have to deal with this problem every day, get rid of your partner as soon as you can. Take aid and contact for assistance if she is pressuring you to continue in the relationship.

I know it can be very difficult to leave someone you once loved, especially if your love is genuine.

However, you need to know that you can fall in love again. In fact, many people find their true love after many unsuccessful relationships.

However, experiencing physical abuse on a daily basis could traumatize you and destroy your self-confidence. So, think again before continuing your relationship.

What Type Of Slap It Was?

Was it a playful slap? Was it an aggressive slap? or Was it a slap to remind you to be within your limits?

A woman could slap a man for various reasons. If you were getting too close to her without her consent and she was feeling uncomfortable, she has every right to slap you.

If you were flirting with her, she might slap you playfully. But if you were getting physical with her, she could slap you to defend herself.

Similarly, she could slap you to control you and show you her dominance; after all, not all women are saints; some are evil too.

It is critical to determine why she slapped you and what she intended to convey by slapping you.

There is no need for you to be angry with her if she smacked you because it was your fault. People have the right to defend themselves, and you have the right to slap a lady if she is out of control or hitting you for no reason.

How To Deal With An Aggressive Partner

Tbh, there is no need to deal with them, just leave them and live your life peacefully. But if you truly love your partner or if you wanna give them another try.

Then there is something that can help.

1: Try To Find Out The Reason Behind Her Angry Behaviour

Finding the cause of your girlfriend’s violent conduct is crucial if you truly love her. Her aggressive behavior is hurtful to the relationship and could eventually cause your partner to lose her close friends and those who care about her.

Your partner’s violent conduct could be caused by a variety of factors, including the pressure she is under at work right now, business losses, lack of sleep, and hormonal changes.

You need to determine the reason for her hostile behavior and assist in eradicating it. If you want, you can ask the specialists for assistance.

2: Explain How Bad You Feel When She Gets Physical With You

If she loves you even a little bit, she would understand how you feel after a strong quarrel or fight.

Make an effort to connect on an emotional level with your partner. Tell her exactly how you feel; I’m sure she wouldn’t repeat it if she loved you.

3: Try To Not Escalate The Argument

Even if she shouts at you, try not to provoke her because anger doesn’t stay for very long. Instead, remain cool. Even when your partner is acting out of her mind, you must maintain your composure if you want to avoid turning an argument into a fight. I know it’s easier to say than to do.

Your composure may prove to be a very useful weapon in stopping frequent disputes in your relationship.

4: Tell Your Partner Clearly To Not Hit You Ever Again (Warn Her)

If you’ve tried everything but failed horribly, it’s time to firmly warn her and inform her that if she hit you again, you’ll leave her.

Stand up for yourself like no one else!

I hope this post helped you.

Thanks for reading!

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