No Girl Has Ever Shown Interest In MeNo Girl Has Ever Shown Interest In Me

It feels bad when we get ignored by someone we love deeply. There are many men who go through this pain every day, but only some show courage to change their situation.

If you get ignored by girls, or no girl shows interest in you, well this post is for you.

No Girl Has Ever Shown Interest In Me (Here Are The Reasons Why)

Before I mention the reasons, you need to understand one thing. Looks are not the only thing a woman cares about.

An average-looking guy with millions of dollars is way more attractive than a good-looking guy with no money.

Women like guys who are high achievers. Look are a secondary thing. Now let’s look at some of the possible reasons why no girl gives attention to you.

1: You Have Low Self Confidence

Self-confidence is everything, especially in a world where everyone wanna beat you at something.

Without self-confidence, the world is a tough place.

Girls want a confident partner, not a loser. If you don’t feel confident while talking to girls, well, you might not get girls forever.

You have to build your confidence stronger if you want success in love and life. Once you have rock-solid confidence, expressing feelings would be easier for you.

Building confidence isn’t a single day of work. It takes time, so take small steps towards building unshakable confidence daily, one day you’ll have great confidence. Just trust the process.

2: You Don’t Have Money

Money gives power and power attracts people. Girls want a man who has some power. Instead of reading how to attract girls, you must read how to build wealth.

Agree or not, money does attract women. You may have heard many times that you don’t need money to find yourself a good partner, well that’s bullshit.

You need money in everything, it is the ultimate source. Take money seriously, don’t waste your time!

Once you have money, you’ll have girls too!

3: You Don’t Approach Women

Generate some courage and approach the girl you like. Stop waiting for a perfect moment because it just never comes.

Even if she says no, you’ll still end up generating some self-confidence, and that matters a lot.

Also, most girls never approach first. If they like someone, they show hints, maybe you are bad at catching those hints.

Perhaps girls do show interest in you, but because you are bad at catching those hints, you don’t get dates from them.

4: You Have A Negative Mindset

Stop being negative about yourself. The world follows who believe in themselves, not losers who criticize themselves every time.

Girls shouldn’t be everything to you. Family, friends, and career should be. Girls will come and go.

Again, make your career bright, girls will chase you! Also, change your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Negative Talk: “I Lost Again, I Can’t Do This”

Positive Talk: “I’ll Win Next Time, I Can Do This”

It might seem simple or not so effective at first glance, but believe me, it does have the power to change your negative mindset into a positive one.

5: You Don’t Take Risks

Winners never shy away from taking risks because they know that this is what makes them different.

Take risks, and say whatever you want to say.

Stop waiting!

If you keep waiting, someone else will come and snatch the opportunity from your hands. She will not wait for you forever!

If you like her, it is the time, it is the moment. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

6: You Lack Communication Skill

Communication is an art. You need to practice it to become a master in it. People who know how to communicate well, attract many people.

Communication really works like a magnet. There are many great videos and blog posts available that can help you develop this skill.

Those videos and posts are just a few clicks away from you. Whenever you have time for yourself, go through those videos. Apply the things they say.

Don’t stop developing yourself. Once you know how to communicate with people. You’ll be a 1000% more attractive.

7: Your Fashion Sense Sucks

Like communication, fashion is a form of art too. Good fashion not only make you look appealing but also enhances your confidence.

Studies have found that people who wear good clothes, feel more confident than those who don’t.

Perhaps your fashion sense is poor. You need to improve it. I know you like your marvel t-shirt a lot, but girls might not like it.

Buy yourself a good leather jacket, some nice shoes, and some attractive accessories. Improve your body posture too.

Girls don’t know how good of a person you are. When they see you for the first time, they see what you are wearing and how confident you are feeling.

8: You Are Not Quite Intelligent

Well, I can’t judge your intelligence from here. But let me tell you one thing, girls get attracted to those who are intelligent.

As I said, women like men who have power, and intelligence is also a form power.

Doesn’t matter how bad you look or how dirty your clothes are, if you have an extraordinary intelligence, girls will fall for you. All they want is power.

9: You Surrender Easly

Stop fearing competition, it is everywhere. Those who never quit, never lose.

If you think someone is better than you, believe me, you can still beat them. All you need is self-belief and some dedication.

Fight for your love! Try to become better than your competition. It is possible. Snatch what is yours from their hands. I believe in you!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for your time!

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