Why Do Some Guys Have No Chest Hair?Why Do Some Guys Have No Chest Hair?

Hey, are you confused about why some guy doesn’t have chest hair?

Btw, this isn’t true at all, every guy has chest hair, some have jungle-like hair and some have only a few hairs, but every grown man has it.

There could be numerous reasons behind less chest hair.

In this post, I’ll inform you why only some men have full chest hair and most don’t.

1 Genetics

If his father has less chest hair, he will have less chest hair too. Genetics plays a big role in almost everything in our body.

Genetics plays a major part in deciding, the density, length, color, and texture of hair.

So next time when you see a guy with a few chest hairs, then it’s most probable that his genes are stopping hair to grow there.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to go against your genetics naturally.

You can go for an operation, but I would not recommend that because an operation would cost you thousands of dollars, plus success isn’t guaranteed.

Furthermore, operations might give you a long-term illness/pain which wouldn’t be cool at all.

So think twice before going for an operation!

If you still want to go for an operation, make sure to choose the best and most experienced surgeon for yourself.

2 In Some Guys, It Grows A Little Late

One of my friends started to see growth in his chest hair after the age of 23, this isn’t normal, but in some guys, the growth of chest hair starts late.

Normally, guys start to notice chest hair growth at the age of 16, and it grows till the age of 30.

So if the guy is in his teen or early twenties, he may not have fully developed chest hair.

If his genes support the growth of chest hair, you would notice significant growth in his chest after some time.

3 He Probably Shaves It Regularly

Some guys don’t like to keep chest hair. They either shave their hair or use wax.

Mainly models and actors shave their chest hair regularly. However, some models like to flex their thick chest hair.

Maybe the guy you met recently is a model, and that’s why he doesn’t have any chest hair.

4 He Has It But The Number And Density Is Quite Low

We have hair on every part of our body (except our palms), but the density is different in every place.

Because of low hair density, we assume that this body part doesn’t have any hair, but the truth is that it has hair but the distance between each hair is vast.

Some guys’ chests may appear plain with no hair, but the truth is that they have hair but because of low density, their chest appears clean and hairless.

5 Chest Hair Fall

It might sound weird but yes, some guys suffer from chest hair fall, it’s quite rare btw.

According to Practo.com (A genuine source), chest hairfalls common causes are nutritional deficiency, hormonal causes like androgenic alopecia or patterned baldness, hypothyroidism, and telogen effluvium.

However, if someone is suffering from the disease alopecia areata, they might see chest hairfall.

6 Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is also known as “The Male Hormone”. It’s a crucial hormone that is responsible for muscles, sex drive, confidence, hair, and many more important things.

Lack of testosterone can give many disadvantages like erectile dysfunction, reduced bone mass, and poor hair quality.

Some people believe that testosterone can promote hair loss in men, but it’s a complete lie.

According to Forhims (Trusted Source), High testosterone levels doesn’t cause hair loss, but male pattern baldness and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) can increase hair loss in men.

People believe that if a body has more testosterone it will automatically produce more DHT, but that is not true as well.

We can easily control the growth of DHT in our bodies.

If a person exercises daily, doesn’t smoke, and gets quality sleep daily, then his body won’t produce high DHT, ultimately, he won’t face hair loss due to high DHT.

Now, can low testosterone cause hair loss in men? Yes, according to a study, men who have low testosterone levels in their bodies may lose body (chest hair) and facial hair.

7 Lack Of Protein In His Body

Like testosterone, lack of protein can cause body hair loss too. Many men do not take the proper amount of protein daily, and that results in poor hair quality.

However, lack of protein generally affects head hairs than body hair. But in some cases, it may promote hair loss in other body parts hairs like the chest, beard, legs, etc.

Do Guys Like To Keep Their Chest Hair

Yes, most guys don’t like to shave their chest hair.

However, many guys believe that girls like clean chests more than bushy chests, and that’s why many men shave their chest hair regularly.

Does Plucking Chest Hair Hurt

A lot! Please don’t do that. It gives unimaginable pain. So if you’re planning to pluck a guy’s chest hair, think twice or thrice.

Do Guys Use Shaving Cream While Shaving Their Chest

Some guys do and some don’t. If the hair density is high, then the majority of men would use shaving cream.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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