Should I Kiss My Girlfriend Every Time I See HerShould I Kiss My Girlfriend Every Time I See Her

One of the visitors of this website sent me an email asking, “Should I kiss my girlfriend every time?”

The person who asked me this strange question recently entered a relationship and is quite enthusiastic about it. However, since this is his first relationship, he is unsure of how he should act.

He’s not the only one that wonders what to do when they start dating; I’m sure there are plenty of others. This post is for you if you share that feeling!

Let’s get going!

Should You Kiss Your Girlfriend Evey Time You Meet Her?

No, especially if it’s your first relationship or you haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, as you may come across as a creep or desperate.

Kiss her when she indicates that she is ready for a kiss. Girls do not often love kisses when they are not in a good mood, therefore if you want to kiss your girlfriend every day or if you enjoy kissing, you must first try to turn her on.

However, how can you tell if your girlfriend is ready for a kiss? Let’s have a look at some of the indicators.

Signs Your Girlfriend Wants A Kiss

  • She Stares You In Your Eyes With Emotions

“The eyes are the windows of the soul,” a wise person once said. We can learn about someone’s mentality by carefully focusing on their eye.

If she truly wants to kiss you, she will make unusual eye contact with you, lasting between 3 and 10 seconds.

She will also not look away from you for an extended amount of time, and her eye contact will be full with emotion.

Because our bodies are so skilled at detecting unexpected eye contact, you would notice it right away.

  • She Stands Very Close To You

You’ll see that she is standing unusually close to you and that her eyes are fixed on you.

This is a very clear indication that she is willing to kiss you. Her lips would also be facing forward.

Be prepared because you might get a kiss from her if you see this sign.

  • She Touches Your Face

Touching your face, particularly your lips and cheeks is another clear sign that she is turned on and ready for a kiss.

You’ll see she’s also touching your hair and neck, and she’s looking at your lips. If she’s doing all of this, kiss her, or wait, I’m pretty sure she’ll kiss you.

  • She Bites Her Lips

Biting her lips while staring at you is a clear indication that she wants to kiss you. Many studies have shown that biting one’s lips is a powerful sign of seduction. If she bites her lips while looking at you, she is implying that she wants to kiss you hard.

  • She Gives A Lot Of Compliments

Last but not least, you’ll notice that she lavishes you with compliments, the majority of which will be genuine.

Women don’t normally give too many compliments; they store them for special occasions. If your girlfriend starts giving you a lot of praise, it could signify that she craves your touches.

Can Kissing Boost Your Relationship?

Kissing can undoubtedly strengthen your relationship. Kissing your lover on a daily basis helps to maintain the intimacy in your relationship.

Intimacy and chemistry are essential for a good relationship, which means that if you don’t do things like kissing, cuddling, and complimenting each other, your relationship may end soon.

So, if at all feasible, kiss your lover every day, or at the very least give them a hug.

Do Women Like Kisses?

Most women enjoy kisses because they reduce stress, promote happiness, and make them feel closer to their lover. But, before you kiss a woman, you should be aware of the three factors that can influence a woman’s mind.

Women like kisses only when the kisser is the person they love, when they are in the mood for a kiss, and when the timing is right. If something goes wrong, they may not enjoy the kiss.

However, if everything is in order, for example, if a woman is in a good mood and is about to receive a kiss from the person she loves, and the timing or circumstance is also ideal, she will thoroughly enjoy the kiss. In fact, she would crave more kisses.

However, if she isn’t in the right frame of mind and doesn’t like the person about to kiss her, she won’t ever enjoy the kiss and will always object to it.

Overall, women enjoy kisses because they can make them feel less stressed and turn them on. But they only desire kisses from their loved ones, and they only relish kisses during certain moods.

What Would Happen If You Stop Giving Kisses To Your Girlfriend?

Believe it or not, kisses have a significant role in maintaining romance in a relationship.

If you quit kissing, it might not break your relationship, but it could decrease intimacy and make your relationship feel monotonous, which might be really unhealthy for your relationship.

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