why do girls hug guys over the shoulderwhy do girls hug guys over the shoulder

Hey, do you also wanna find out why girls always give over-the-shoulder hugs? If yes, you’re at the right place as in this post we will be finding out why some girls hug guys over the shoulder.

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1: She Probably Loves You

It feels amazing when we find out that someone loves us, however, some people are pretty good at hiding their feelings, and even if they love you deeply, they won’t let you know about it.

However, if you just focus on those little signs they would give away, you can definitely decode whether they truly love you or not.

If she hugs you over the shoulder each time you meet her, it is a very solid clue, it indicates that something is really serious! maybe she is in love with you.

These kinds of hugs aren’t prevalent and ladies normally don’t do them unless you’re extremely exceptional.

If you find her attractive congrats, because her hugging you over the shoulders could indicate that she takes you seriously.

But, if she only hugged you over the shoulders once, relax; she may have done so by unintentionally.

Take note of her embraces; if the bulk of them are over the shoulder, you should take action and propose to her; if this is not the case, you should wait and look for other indicators.

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2: She Feels Amazing In Your Arms

Over-the-shoulder hugs are really pleasurable. An over-the-shoulder hug makes women feel more attached to their relationships.

It also produces substances such as oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These compounds are also referred to as “happiness chemicals.”

She feels more content and joyful when she gives you an over the shoulder hug. Make sure to not ruin her moment by breaking the hug too soon; instead, let her hug you for as long as she wants.

3: She Feels More Connected To You

Bodies come close in all the hugs, however, over-the-shoulder hugs are on the next level.

The closeness between you and your partner would be much more compared to any other hugs, and you both will feel more connected.

Maybe she knows it quite well, and perhaps that’s why she gives you over-the-shoulder hugs every time she meets you.

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4: She Is Taller Than You

This point might hurt some people, but the possibility of this is quite high.

A tall girl would struggle to give an under-the-shoulder hug, she might have to bend her knees a bit just for a hug which will be a little awkward for her, and even if she doesn’t bend her knees, she will still feel awkward while giving under the shoulder hug because of her height.

If your girlfriend is taller than you or the same height as you, I don’t think you need to dig anymore to find out why she always gives you an over-the-shoulder hug.

However, if you still wanna ask her why she always hugs you over the shoulder; You definitely can but I’m pretty sure that she will tell you that she feels comfortable when she gives you an over-the-shoulder hug.

5: She Finds It Comfortable

Maybe your body type isn’t suitable for the under-the-shoulder hug or normal hugs, that’s why she goes for over-the-shoulder hugs every time.

If you’re a little chubby or too muscular or wide, giving a normal hug would be difficult for her because she would struggle to grab you with her both arms, especially, if she is small.

Over-the-shoulder hugs don’t need longer arms, she would just need to cover your neck with her arms and that’s it.

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6: She Trusts You Blindly

Trust is something you can’t buy. It is really important in a relationship, without it, a relationship won’t last long.

However, determining whether your partner is trustworthy or not is difficult because we don’t know what our partner is up to behind our backs. That is why recognizing minor signs becomes so vital.

As I previously stated, over-the-shoulder hugs are uncommon; as they show that your spouse has a high level of faith in you.

7: She Is Protective Of You

By giving you over-the-shoulder hugs, she is subtly telling you that she is very protective of you. She can fight with anyone just for you.

However, overprotective partners sometimes create problems because they worry a lot about their partners.

If you think your partner is too protective, you should talk and express what you like and what don’t, and discuss boundaries so that your relationship can last forever.

Do girls Enjoy Over-TheShoulder Hugs?

Yes, the majority of them do like it as it connects them more with their partners, however, some girls don’t like it, especially, those who are short.

Short ladies would struggle to provide over-the-shoulder embraces due of their height, so it’s really not an option for them.

Additionally, some ladies favor embraces that are given around the waist because they believe they can better rest their heads on their partners’ chests and hear their heartbeat when doing so.

I once knew a girl who would always hug me around the waist. She said that doing so makes her feel closer to me.

The comfort level of hugs differs from female to girl; some find hugs over the shoulders more enjoyable, while others find hugs a troundhe waist more intriguing.

What To Do If You Don’t Like It?

If you don’t enjoy receiving over-the-shoulder embraces from your partner, I’m sorry, but you are pretty weird.

They feel fantastic, but if you still think it’s not pleasant, tell your girlfriend; if she truly loves you, she will comprehend and promise not to do it again. Once more, clearing things up with your partner will only benefit you.

What Does It Mean If She Never Gives You Over-The-Shoulder Hugs?

Actually, that’s not a good indicator because most women will undoubtedly offer their partners an over-the-shoulder hug at some point. However, if for some reason she hasn’t done it yet, it could be a hint that she’s too small in comparison to you or that she is simply bashful and prefers a regular embrace.

However, it could also imply that she doesn’t truly care about you. To determine whether this is the case, you must look for other, more definitive indications.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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