signs a shy guy likes yousigns a shy guy likes you

Shy guys are mysterious creatures. They don’t really express themselves much. So finding out whether they are in love with you or not is a bit of a challenge.

However, there are some subtle signs every shy guy gives when he is in love. In this post, I’ll reveal those signs to you, so make sure to read everything to get a complete info.

Let’s dive right into it!

1: He Looks At You Multiple Times (Without any reason)

Have you caught him looking at you multiple times without any reason? If yes, well this strongly indicates that he has an ocean of feelings for you inside his heart.

Shy guys never look at girls without any reason, it is because they find eye contact with random girls extremely difficult.

However, if you have caught a shy guy looking at you multiple times, it means he is trying hard to let you know that you are pretty special to him.

Shy guys like to express themselves more with their body language and short eye contact. You need to catch those subtle hints that a shy guy gives to understand what’s going on.

Next time when he looks at you, just say Hi while having a big smile on your face, it will surely make his day!

2: He Struggles To Make Eye Contact With You

Shy people usually find maintaining eye contact for more than 3 seconds quite difficult. And, the problem increases even more when a shy person falls in love with someone. Basically, making eye contact becomes even more problematic for them when they are in love.

A lot of negative thoughts start to appear inside their head when they try to hold eye contact for a longer amount of time with their crush. Anxiety kicks in, body movement changes, and some shy people even start sweating while talking to their crush.

Being shy actually presents many difficulties. However, it has been found that completing daily personality development tasks can improve confidence and reduce shyness.

But the problem is, most shy people don’t even try to change themselves, because they don’t feel confident enough to take a step toward changing themselves, which is kinda sad.

3: He Never Says No To You

Even if he doesn’t want to help you, even if he knows that helping you would put him at risk or increase his work, he will still come and help you.

Helping someone even if your mind is screaming NO!, indicates that you are a good person, but sadly, It’s a beta male trait.

Alpha males always listen to their minds, which means, if an alpha male decides not to help you, he will not help you, no matter how much you request him.

While beta males surrender easily, they don’t put themselves above others, and that’s why they many times find themselves in bad situations.

If you don’t know what “Beta Male” is or if you want to know more about Beta males, read this post. The post will open in a separate tab, so don’t worry about losing this post.

Furthermore, if he is always ready to help you, it means he is a nice guy.

In today’s world, finding a nice guy is extremely difficult. Bad/rude guys are everywhere. In fact, every other guy is now trying to turn himself into a bad guy because they have read somewhere that girls prefer bad guys more, which is not true at all. In fact, most girls still want a nice guy for themselves.

If you are someone who gets attracted to bad guys more than nice ones, then it indicates that you are looking for a short-term relationship. I know my words might not sound pleasing to some, but that’s the truth.

Find yourself a good partner who cares about you more than your body!

4: He Talks With You Online More Than RL (Real Life)

Shy guys when they are in love, they approach the social media path to connect to their crushes. You will notice that he talks a lot on social media with you, but when it comes to having a conversation in real life, he struggles hard.

It is because on social media, eye contact, good body language, and a good fashion sense are not required. On social media, you just have to drop a message and that’s it.

That’s why most shy guys use social media to convey their feelings.

5: He Likes Your Each Social Media Posts

You’ll also notice that he likes everything you upload. He drops comments as well, appreciating your gorgeous looks.

Again, shy guys do that to impress their crushes, they believe that doing this will increase their chances of getting a date from their crush. But they don’t know that giving compliments in real life is far better than appreciating someone’s looks on social media.

6: Jealousy

Jealousy would be visible on his face. Notice how he reacts when you meet someone, especially when you meet his rival.

Shy guys usually don’t express much through their faces, but when they are in deep love with someone, they will show jealousy signs, and you would be able to detect that jealous feeling on their faces.

They might also stop talking to you for some time. Shy guys tend to get upset easily, but they don’t show that they are upset or not. They’ll just stop having any connection with you for some time.

7: He Never Sits Next To You

Well, this one is a little strange. He would rather be standing than sitting next to you on the bus. It happens because shy guys believe that if they sit next to a hot girl, something wrong will happen and ruin their impression.

You will see that he is making small eye contact with you, but when it comes to taking action and sitting next to you, he avoids doing it.

It has to do with his self-confidence. Shy guys normally have a low level of self-confidence, and that’s why they avoid taking action.

8: He Shies A Lot When You Compliment Him

This one is a bit obvious. I mean, shy guys will certainly shy a lot when they receive a compliment from girls. But their shyness level increases more when the compliment giver is their crush.

Just observe his face when you compliment him, happiness will clearly be visible on his face, and it might make you smile as well.

9: His Friends Tease Him When You Are With Him

You will notice that whenever you come close to him or talk to him, his friends begin to tease him. Shy guys talk about how much they love their crush to everyone but they never say a word to their crush.

Btw, if his friends really tease him when you are around, it is one of the strongest signs that he likes you. If you like him too, I think you should approach him first because waiting for him won’t be a good idea as most shy guys never reveal their feelings. So it’s always better to not waste time, and approach fast.

I hope you liked this post!

Thanks for reading!

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