do girls like serious guysdo girls like serious guys

A man who speaks less and observes more is considered serious in nature. People perceive them as leaders. They usually have a better IQ than guys who talk a lot.

However, having so many qualities still doesn’t guarantee success in the matter of love. If you think people often tag you as a serious person, this post is for you!

In this post, I’ll inform you about whether women like serious nature guys or not, so read the entire post to get the complete info.

Now without wasting any more time, it’s the time to begin the post!

Do Women Like Serious Guys?

Not really, women normally prefer entertaining guys over serious guys, it is simply because serious guys are naturally boring. While funny guys can turn a bad day into an amazing day.

Women prefer funny guys over serious guys any day, but that doesn’t mean every girl has the same nature.

There are many girls who prefer serious guys as their life partners because they think a serious guy can take responsibility better compared to non-serious guys.

Furthermore, it has been observed that women who have serious nature, look for serious men. Serious women find it hard to connect with non-serious guys.

Also, serious dudes look mysterious which is another quality that attracts women. However, if you change your personality a little bit, I mean, if you start to smile a little more, I bet you would attract more women.

Being serious 24/7 is boring. We’ve got one life, you should enjoy it more!

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What Are The Three Things That Girls Care About

Yes, it’s true that girls care a lot about a man’s personality, however, there are three other important things that you should ignore if you wanna attract women.

1: Looks

Sadly, even in 2022, looks matter a lot. You’ll find thousands of websites saying that women don’t care about looks, but that’s a clear lie. Every woman on this planet cares about looks.

Start working on your jawline, get a good haircut, and have crystal clear teeth. Working on your looks isn’t anything bad, everyone should care about their face.

2: Money

Money not only shows that you live a really good luxurious lifestyle but it also indicates that you’ve achieved something big in your life, especially, if it’s your hard-earned money.

Everyone chase money, but not everyone ends up making millions. If you’re broke or have little to no savings, instead of finding out how to attract girls, you should look for ideas that can make you rich.

If you run for the money, girls will run for you, it’s that simple!

3: Confidence

Serious guys generally have more confidence, however, always remember there is a very thin line between being confident and being overconfident. Always be confident there is nothing wrong with it, but never be overconfident cause it backfires.

Btw, there are tons of guides available online that can teach you how to be confident, better than me, so you should check them out, also, I can’t go into detail about how to build confidence here because it will go a little off-topic.

How To Stop Being Serious

I’m not a guru, but I would say, there is nothing wrong with being serious. If it’s your nature, you should never let it go because this is what makes you different.

However, if you want to be more entertaining, just observe the most entertaining guy you know, see how he presents himself, the way he talks, the way he tells the story, and his actions and reactions.

Learn everything from him. Also, go out more, spend more time with your friends, sitting alone at the home would make you even more serious.

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