She Wants Me To Stay Her Friend After A BreakupShe Wants Me To Stay Her Friend After A Breakup

It has happened to me, and I’m pretty sure that it’s happening to you right now, as why would you come here?

When it happens, a lot of questions start to appear in our minds, like, Why does she want to stay friends with me? Is she still in love with me? Does she want something in return? and many more.

Well, in this post, you’ll surely find your answer.

Let’s begin!

1: She Is Taking Your Advantage

Unfortunately, if she is still your buddy after a breakup, it implies that she is still with you because she benefits greatly from you.

Perhaps you assist her financially, purchase her clothing, or take her to parties and pay her expenses.

If you do any of these things, let me tell you something: she isn’t friends with you because she loves you; she is friends with you because she knows you’re an idiot.

I don’t want to seem sexist, but there are lots of women who are exploitative of innocent guys.

Be wary of these kinds of women. Quit assisting her, bro! She is no longer your partner; it is over. Don’t lend a hand financially in particular. Let her take care of her own s—.

2: She Doesn’t Have Many Close Friends

Maybe she does need a friend. If she does not take advantage of you and is not a sociable person, she may want to stay friends with you since you are the only person she trusts.

Girls have more friends than men since more guys hit on and strive to impress them. While guys find it difficult to create new friends, especially female acquaintances because there is so much competition.

In this realm, though, anything is conceivable. You’ve probably seen guys with a ton of female pals and gals with none. Maybe she’s truly lonely and has no one to talk to, which is why she talks to you.

If you honestly think that she is a nice girl and deserves a real friend, make her your friend.

3: She’s Still In Love With You

This is an intriguing issue; it’s possible that she’s still in love with you but had to split up with you due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s also possible that she realized your feelings for her after the split. Sometimes we appreciate the worth of a person when they are not with us.

Girls usually cease contact with their ex, and men do as well, because we all want to move on from our pasts, but some people just can’t. So there’s a chance she hasn’t recovered from your love and still wants to be with you.

4: She Feels Happy When You Are Around Her

Perhaps you are the only one who can bring a smile to her face. Maybe even after so many days, she still can’t forget you and can’t imagine a day without you because you’re the only one she’s truly happy with.

Sometimes we become addicted to certain people, and we want them all the time, even when we have so many problems.

So, if she wants to stay friends or is your buddy even after your breakup, it means she still relies on you for happiness.

5: She Is Not Happy In Her Current Relationship

If she is in a relationship and yet wants to keep in touch with you as a friend, it might suggest that her new relationship isn’t going well.

It might indicate that she is dissatisfied with her new relationship and wishes to return to your life, which is why she is reconnecting with you.

Sometimes we hurry into an awful relationship and subsequently regret it. Perhaps that is what happened to her; she made a mistake and is now repenting.

You may also observe that she is behaving differently than a friend, more like a girlfriend than a friend.

If you don’t want her now, you must tell her; otherwise, she will be upset if she discovers later that you no longer love her.

6: She Doesn’t Wanna Forget You

Some people despise being split apart. They prefer to maintain contact with their ex even after breaking up.

Perhaps she finds it really difficult to lose contact with you, which is why she tries so hard to do so and extends her connection to you.

Now, whether you want to keep in touch with her or not is entirely up to you. You must let her know if you’re not feeling it so she doesn’t fall in love with you once more.

7: You Both Have Shared Pretty Memorable Moments Together

Maybe the memories you and your ex have shared are too strong to forget. She offered you friendship as a way to preserve those memories, but it is only a possibility.

You must talk to her since no one else can accurately convey the reality of why she wants to remain friends with you despite your breakup.

Take a break from work to meet her and find out why she wants to be your buddy. She’ll definitely divulge the secret, I think.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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