Why She Blocked Me On Instagram

If you were blocked on Instagram by a girl, there could be 11 reasons for this. In this article, we’ll look at the most likely reasons she blocked you on Instagram.

Please keep in mind that all of the reasons I’m about to discuss are based on my personal experience and some online research. I’m not a psychology expert who knows everything about how the human mind works.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1: You May Have Sent A Rude Message To Her

If that’s the case, you were rightfully blocked. Guys who don’t understand how to respect a woman’s emotions are despised by girls.

Speaking rudely or sending rude messages won’t endear you to others. No matter how wealthy or stunning you are, treating women improperly will always make you appear unappealing.

2: She Found Out That You’re In A Relationship

Perhaps she discovered that you are in a relationship with someone else and has decided to move on, removing you from her social life as a result.

The chances of this happening are slim, yet we can’t deny that it does happen on occasion.

This point was included in this article because one of my friends was in the same scenario.

3: She Thinks You Are Creepy

Girls are excellent at detecting weird people. Texting too frequently or sending messages like “You are really Hot!, I Wanna Cush You One Day” will demonstrate that you are a creep.

Women are not drawn to messages like these; in fact, they will block you in less than a second.

These types of communication are only effective in one situation, and that is when she is truly interested in you.

4: She Hates You

You can utilize the tactics suggested in the Richest’s post to determine whether she hates you or not.

If she replies with only one word or occasionally leaves your text on seen, it’s a clear sign that she hates you. 

If she has blocked you for no apparent reason, understand that she despises you and no longer wants to connect with you.

5: You’ve Sent Her An Objectionable Picture

If you think sending a nude picture to her would turn her on, then you’re absolutely wrong.

According to a study women of all sexual identities reported mostly negative reactions.

The investigators found that 50% of women who received unrequested genital images said feeling “grossed out” and 46% felt “disrespected.”

Only 26% of women reported having a favorable reaction because the d*ck pic they receive was of their partners, not strangers.

Furthermore, the study discovered that 7.5% of heterosexual women and 12% of bisexual women said feeling aroused by at least one uninvited d*ck pic they got.

While the prevalence of women did not report feeling aroused, it’s essential to not overlook the variation in responses.”

So send your genitals image, won’t turn on a woman, but it can make them block you for sure.

6: You May Have Tagged Her In A Abusive Post

Some girls take it personally and don’t take even a second to block the guy who has tagged them.

Stop tagging a girl on posts that might offend her.

I know you wanna make her laugh, but sometimes it backfires, so do it only when you’re damn sure that it won’t hurt her.

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7: She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Maybe she used to like you, but she’s lost interest in you now. This happens often since we all grow and meet so many different people during our lives.

We begin to forget about those who were previously close to us.

Perhaps she has now decided to exclude you from her social life, which is why she blocked you. Accept it and go on!

8: She Might Be Hiding You From Her Family or Friends

That is an interesting point. On the one hand, it’s sad that she’s blocked you, but on the other hand, it could be a positive thing because she doesn’t want others to know she likes you.

Go meet her, ask her why she blocked you, and if she answers something like, “I don’t want anyone to know that I talk to you,” this could be the reason she blocked you.

9: Maybe She Doesn’t Know You At All

It’s not a good idea to send messages to girls you don’t even know. It just does not work; instead, attempt to become her friend in person first, then make the request on Instagram, but do not directly message her; otherwise, they may block you.

10: You Send A Lot of Stories To Her

This is incredibly annoying; stop doing it. One of my friends constantly sends me horrible stories, and I detest it.

Some people have a habit of sending stories; I’m not sure why. Sending a story or two is acceptable, but sending five every day can irritate anyone.

If you’re the type of guy who likes to share stories, wait to see how the recipient responds before sending another one.

She was definitely really annoyed by it if she blocked you as a result, which is a definite sign of how frustrated she was.

11: Maybe Brother or Family Member Have Found Out About You And Her Relationship

This might sound strange, but it might be the reason for her enigmatic block. You can speak to her friends to make certain. Alternatively, you might speak with her directly.

If she says that’s the case, it suggests she doesn’t hate you, but rather that she was compelled to block you since her family doesn’t like you.

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