signs your cousin has a crush on you

When you know someone has a crush on you, it feels fantastic; however, when it’s your own cousin, it may feel really weird.

When your cousin has a crush on you, it will be really hard to detect because they won’t give enough signs.

However, you’re at the right place because I’ll be sharing some of the strongest signs that I’ll help you to know whether your cousin has a crush on you or not.

1: Always Looks Into Your Eyes With A Big Smile

Their facial expression will tell you whether your cousin is into you or not. When we like someone, we mostly meet them with a big smile and try to maintain as much eye contact as we can.

If your cousin is trying to maintain unusual eye contact with you or the expression on their face changes every time when you talk to them, it might mean your cousin has a secret crush on you.

2: Tries To Touch You or Come Close To You Every Time You’re Alone

It might sound weird but science has revealed that when we like someone our body tries to go as close as possible to the person we like.

If your cousin always sits very close to or touches you without any strong reason, it’s a clear sign that your cousin has a crush on you.

If you don’t like the way your cousin touches you, then you must talk to them as it’s really important to let them know their boundaries, you know what I mean!

3: Never Criticize or Condemn You

Even if you’ve performed really poorly for your team, your cousin still won’t criticize you at all, instead, your cousin will try to motivate you for the next time.

It might sound like a really good thing, and we all deserve a cousin who likes to motivate and never criticize us, however, in some cases, your cousin might be trying their best to win your heart by letting you know how good they are as human beings.

4: Always Try To Look Their Best In Infront Of You

Is your cousin always wear nice clothes around you? If your answer is Yes, it might be another sign that your cousin is into you.

Nobody wanna look bad in front of their crush, we always wanna show them our best side. Maybe your cousin knows it quite well and that’s why your cousin always tries to look great around you.


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5: Always Hugs You Tightly

There will be something unusual with their hugs. You can easily notice the difference. Ask yourself, does your cousin always hug like you’ve met them after a long-long time?

If you don’t like the way your cousin hugs you, tell it to their face, tell them that you don’t like it, it’s really important to let people know their limits.

6: Likes Every Picture Of Yours On Social Media

Even if you have uploaded a terrible picture of yourself, you’ll always receive one like from them because your cousin won’t let any opportunities to impress you wash.

We all give likes to our crush’s pictures, doesn’t matter how good or bad their picture is, if it is from our crush, we’ll hit the like button instantly. That’s what probably happening with your cousin, they can’t stop themselves from liking the pictures you have uploaded.

7: Feel Jealousy When You Praise Someone’s Looks.

Your cousin’s behavior will change instantly when you compliment someone’s look.

We don’t like it at all when our crush praises someone, especially, if it’s the opposite gender. We feel jealous and that jealousy changes our facial expressions.

If you don’t know whether your cousin feels jealous or not when you admire someone’s beauty, then just take a small test. Open the Instagram account of any beautiful person you know, then start praising them a lot, and see your cousin’s reaction. If they have a secret crush on you, they surely won’t take it in a fun way, they will get mad or simply go away from that place.

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6 thoughts on “7 Strong Signs Your Cousin Has A Crush On You”
  1. I don’t know why my filipina cousin keeps on starting at me and always smiles (even though smiling is mostly common in the Philippines so I don’t know)

  2. my cousin sters at me alot.. even when the whole family is around she just stars at me.. i sometimes try my best not to look at her because everytime we bump eyes, she smiles at me and its very akward, we are the same age and im scard.

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