Why Does My Girlfriend Kiss Me So Much? 7 Hidden Reasons

You may not realize it, but you are probably one of the lucky few who receive a lot of kisses from their girlfriends.

Yes, you may be astonished right now, but it is the truth. Many people’s dreams have become your reality. Many people in their relationships receive very few kisses from their partner on a daily basis, and you’re whining about too many kisses? That’s absurd.

Let’s take a look at why she probably kisses you a lot.

1: She Loves You A Lot

Real love is sadly dying out in this world because individuals increasingly prefer lust over true love.

Because of this, the majority of relationships you observe end as soon as the intimacy fades.

However, if your girlfriend kisses you frequently, it’s likely she loves you dearly, making you one of the fortunate few.

Therefore, don’t worry about why your girlfriend kisses you so frequently; instead, if it’s feasible, give her a kiss in return and show her the same level of affection so that your relationship can grow.

2: She Likes Your Face Structure

She might be drawn to you because of the way your facial features are arranged and how well you look.

She is implying to you that she loves the way you look by giving you a lot of kisses. She probably adores every feature on your face, from your jawline to your ears, from your nose to your eyes.

Does she give you compliments about your face? Or has she ever mentioned that you have a fascinating appearance? If you answered “yes,” then this is your answer: She kissed you because she really likes your face.

3: Some Girls Love Kissing

Some girls have a propensity of kissing their lover, which may surprise you. They enjoy kissing, and your girlfriend could be one of them.

Allow her to kiss you because there are numerous advantages of kissing. Kissing, according to studies, can improve your relationship and lessen conflict.

Maybe she knows this and kisses you to keep her relationship healthy and strong.

If feasible, kiss her back; it will make her feel great!

4: She Is Going Through A Tough Time

We’ve all been in a position where everything seems odd and we’re not feeling our best. Maybe she’s going through a hard patch in her life and needs you right now.

Perhaps the stress of her job or her tight schedule has caused her to feel melancholy or depressed. If she has lately begun lavishing you with kisses, it could be because she wants to feel good again.

Perhaps kissing you will make her feel better. Determine whether or not everything in her life is going well. Be a supportive shoulder for her if she is under a lot of stress right now.

Help her and permit as many kisses as she desires since if you don’t, she can start to feel depressed, which could be disastrous for your relationship.

5: She Sees You As Her Future Husband

This gesture by her demonstrates how serious she is about you. Perhaps she considers you to be her future husband.

If she isn’t frightened to sleep with you or tells you how much she loves you every day, it’s another strong evidence that she takes you seriously.

However, if you are not serious about her or do not regard her as a viable life partner, do not play with her, since she will be devastated if she discovers that you do not share her love for her.

6: She Is Excited

If she kisses you occasionally but a lot, it could suggest that she only kisses you when she is excited.

It’s also likely that this is her first relationship, and she’s overjoyed about it, therefore she can’t stop herself from kissing you a lot.

When a woman is thrilled, she does actions such as kissing, hugging closely, and creating strong eye contact.

7: She Thinks You Like Getting Kissed

Maybe she feels that you like getting kisses, or maybe you get turned on when she kisses you. Girls don’t know exactly what guys like, and the same goes for guys; they also don’t know what girls like or don’t like.

If you like her kisses, then I don’t think there is any problem; let her kiss and enjoy. But if you are someone who doesn’t like too many kisses or is allergic to them, then you must talk to your girlfriend and tell her about it.

A wise girlfriend will surely understand and won’t do it again. I’m certain!

Why Do Women Like Kissing?

After reading about a potential explanation for why your girlfriend gives you frequent kisses, let’s now examine the scientific rationale for why some women find kissing to be so pleasurable.

Studies have shown that kissing causes our bodies to release feel-good hormones including Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Endorphins.

These hormones can help you lower your stress hormone levels and instantly improve your mood.

There are also 16 additional kissing benefits that you can learn about. Kissing is a good activity in general, and everyone should do it on a regular basis if possible.

Women enjoy kissing because it relaxes them and relieves stress.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!