Getting blocked by someone we really love, feels terrible. Sometimes, women don’t give us any hint about why they block us.

A wise person once said, “You can never understand a woman and her feelings, their mind changes every minute and every second”

However, you’re at the right place because, in this post, I’ll be sharing the most probable reason why she blocked you.

1: You Were Behaving Like A Simp

Women are really good at catching simps. Replying in seconds and sending many messages are signs of simps.

If you were sending a lot of messages to her, maybe she thought that you’re nothing but a simp who is trying really hard to get her love.

Next time when you talk to a woman on Facebook, make sure to don’t reply instantly, take your time and send the best reply possible. If you do that, she might get impressed by you and who knows, she might become your online bestie or more than bestie.

2: You Unintentionally Hurt Her

The joke that you sent her, wasn’t funny for her or maybe your comment on her picture wasn’t pleasing.

There are a lot of chances that you may have hurt her unintentionally. Recall all the talking you had with her, did you send any inappropriate messages to her? Or did you comment on her picture something that she doesn’t like?

Girls are very emotional, they get hurt by a lot of things. If you know her, then meet her as soon as you can and clear all the problems between you and her, just say sorry to her, and I’m sure everything will get sorted out.

Also, make sure to not hurt her again, otherwise, she might block you forever, and I know you don’t want that.

3: She Has Found Someone Better Than You

If you think, you’re the only one that she likes, let me tell you my friend, there are more evils than saints.

She was giving you attention because she didn’t have many options, but now, when she has found someone who looks better than you, she decided to give all her time to him. Also, she doesn’t want anyone’s distraction, and maybe that’s why she decided to block you.

Also, Facebook is not a place to find love. There are too many fake profiles that exist on this platform. Maybe the girl that ditched you wasn’t even a girl.

However, if you know her personally and she still blocked you for someone else, then stop f*ck*ng caring about her, you deserve a lot better!

It will take time to come out of her feelings, but eventually, you’ll forget about her. Time is a great healer.

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4: She Thinks You’re Boring

I know it will hurt some of you. However, most boring people don’t even know they are boring.

Women hate boring guys, they just don’t connect with them. However, if the guy is really good-looking or rich, they might get into a relationship with him, but if the guy is neither good-looking nor rich, then it’s obvious that the majority of women won’t give him attention.

Take reviews about your personality from your friends. Try to spend time with the funniest guy in your circle. Understand how he generates humor, learn everything from him, and implement it in your life. You’ll surely see improvements.

Also, don’t send those boring pickup lines to girls, it makes your conversation even worse. Instead, be real, and use unique pickup lines or starters, there are many great starter ideas available online that you can use, but just don’t sit and dream, search for those amazing starters and pickup lines!

5: Maybe She Has Deleted/Deactivated Her Account

Are you 100% sure that she blocked you? Maybe she has just temporarily deactivated her account, and that’s why you were unable to open her account.

To confirm it, you can ask her friends, if they say that they are also unable to open her account, then it indicates she has taken a leave from the platform for some time.

Maybe she is busy with some other work, let her finish her pending work, once it’s finished, she will come back.

6: She Wants To Hide Her Profile From You

I think she now just doesn’t want you to look at what’s happening in her life. She could have locked her profile as Facebook now lets its users lock their profile, but instead of locking her profile, she decided to block you.

Women generally block their relatives so that they can feel more open on these platforms.

So if you’re her relative, I think you’ve got your answer.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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