things girls notice about guys

Are you about to meet someone really close to your heart or you’re just curious about what types of things do girls notice about guys?

Well, you’re at the right place, in this post, I’ll be sharing 21 things girls notice about you. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: Your Hairstyle

This is the first thing that catches a girl’s attention is your hairstyle. It plays a major role in your overall appearance. Without a proper hairstyle, you won’t look attractive.

Recent studies have also shown how a hairstyle completely changes a person’s appearance. A good hairstyle can highlight your facial features and balance out your face. Your face appears more handsome. While a bad hairstyle can do the opposite, it will make your look worse even if you’re good-looking.

So if you have a boring hairstyle or your hair isn’t very attractive, go to a hairstylist. If you don’t have enough money to visit a perfectionist, watch youtube tutorial videos. There are tons of videos waiting for you for free.

2: Your Dressing Sense

A good outfit can lift your confidence. It makes you feel good about yourself, but we aren’t here to discuss how a good outfit impacts your confidence, we wanna know, do girls notice it? Of course, they do, everyone does.

You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look great. If you have a good dressing sense, you’ll look great even in a budget-friendly outfit.

There are so many men who buy expensive clothes, but they don’t know how to wear them perfectly, and they look terrible even after spending tons of money.

Learn the art of dressing. Again, watch tutorials to enhance your knowledge about how to wear clothes better.

3: The Way You Talk

Not talking clearly, hesitating while talking, incomplete sentences, gives a negative impact. Your words should be clear. Every time you talk, make sure to talk like a leader.

Have confidence in yourself, and make eye contact. Also, be polite, girls like those guys who talk to them with manners. Being rude can destroy your first impression.

4: Your Body Posture

According to Pubmed (Trusted Source), Adopting an upright seated posture in the face of stress can strengthen self-esteem, lower negative mood, and improve positive mood compared to a slouched posture. Also, sitting upright improves the rate of speech and reduces self-focus.

They also suggest, sitting upright may be an easy behavioral approach to help create resilience to stress. The study is consistent with embodied cognition theories that muscular and autonomic conditions influence emotional responses.

Another study suggests that girls like Expansive Posture. They find his posture romantic.

5: Your Shoes

Are your shoes clean? If not, then clean them as quickly as possible because girls hate dirty shoes. Also, make sure your shoes aren’t ripped from somewhere, girls are very good at detecting it.

Again, you don’t have to buy expensive shoes to look good. A simple Nike or Puma shoes can do the job for you.

However, if you’re heading to a party with her, make sure your shoes are matching the theme.

6: Your Smile

Smiling is contagious. You should smile more because according to studies. A man looks more appealing to women when he smiles.

Another study indicates that women who wanted a long-term relationship found men who smiled more appealing.

7: Your Confidence

Without confidence, a man is nothing. High confidence can impress anyone, it leads to success. Confidence enhances your attractiveness too.

Women notice how confident you’re while talking to them. However, generating confidence is not a single-day job. You have to build it step by step. Also, there is a thin line between being confident and being overconfident.

Overconfident people appear rude and arrogant. Learn the difference between confidence and overconfidence. Don’t be overconfident if you really want her in your life.

8: Your Jewelry

Your watch, your rings, your locket. Yes, girls notice every piece of jewelry you have. So, it’s your job to make sure all the jewelry you are wearing isn’t broken or dirty.

If you have a bracelet, then wear it because bracelets make the hand look hot and slim. Good-looking bracelets certainly add to the outfit. Bracelets don’t just look lavish, they are also quite popular among girls because of how they make you feel.

9: Your Muscles

You don’t have to be bulky like Hulk to attract girls. You can get attention from girls even if you’re slim. However, having great muscles definitely catches a girl’s attention.

However, girls don’t like guys who are way too muscular. In fact, according to a study, women prefer a lean body over any other body type.

10: How Clean You Are

Being hygienic is a shortcut to winning a girl’s heart. Most men fail at it because they don’t understand how important it is.

Clean yourself daily. Take shower regardless of the weather. Make sure your clothes are clean too. Women are very good at detecting whether you have washed your clothes or not.

11: Your Teeth

Your teeth should not be yellowish. Brush your teeth twice a day to make sure they aren’t looking yellowish. Bad teeth turn off women almost instantly.

While having great white teeth can make you more attractive. When you smile, women notice your teeth.

Pro tip: After you are done with your sugar binge, rinse with mouthwash as quickly as possible to clear any leftover sugar or sticky remains in your mouth. Normally, mouthwashes have a small amount of fluoride, which is suitable for your teeth.

12 Your Lips

Good lips make you more kissable. bad looking at lips on the other hand decreases your attractiveness. Use lip balm to moisturize your lips.

Do not use cosmetics on your lips too much. It may damage the upper skin of your lips. Also, eat fruits, they are good for lips health.

13: Your Jawline

A strong jawline is enough to impress her in your first meeting. Jawlines are seductive, they can turn on a woman faster than any other thing. However, not everyone has a chiseled jawline.

Well, you can get it by doing a few exercises daily.

According to Healthline, this is the best exercise to get a chiseled jawline, close your mouth, push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip. You should sense a stretch built just beneath the chin and in the jawline. Maintain the position for 10–15 seconds, then rest. Perform 3 sets of 15.

14: Your Beard

If you don’t have a strong jawline, then grow a beard. It will make your jawline look sharp without even exercise. However, a beard doesn’t look good on everyone. Even though a beard can make your face look more symmetrical, but still some men look bad with it.

You have to understand what looks good on you, a beard or no beard. You can win a girl’s heart without a beard. It’s a big myth that only guys with beards attract girls.

15: Your Nails

This one is a little strange, but yes, most women do notice how clean your nails are. Make sure to cut them before they grow long or if you spot any dirt inside your nails. Use a pin to clean it up.

Also, try to maintain a healthy white pinkish color on your nails. Yellowish nails might degrade your looks.

16: Your Ability To Handle Pressure Situations

Being calm in difficult situations shows your mental strength. Women like guys who stay calm in the tightest of situations.

It makes you 10x more attractive. Don’t lose your calm if the situation isn’t going in your way. Calm heads find solutions quickly, while frenzied heads make things even worse.

17: Your Money

This one is a little controversial, women who are reading this post might not agree with me on this, but I’ll still say, women do notice how much money you have.

Women are generally drawn toward guys who are richer than them, so if you wanna attract her. Earn more. Give your time to things that will make your future better.

Money also boosts your confidence, it gives you the respect you deserve. Sadly, the millennium generation doesn’t understand this, they waste their time watching x rated videos on the internet, they don’t know the harmful effects it gives.

18: Your Eye Color

Is your eye color different than the majority? Most men have dark brown or brown eye color, while some have blue and a few have green.

Having a different eye color instantly makes you more noticeable. I don’t suggest you use contact lenses to change your eye color because natural is always beautiful. So if you don’t have blue, green eye color, then focus on other things like building confidence, earning money, and wearing awesome clothes.

19: Your Laugh

Like smiling, laughing is also contagious. When you laugh at her jokes, she might begin to like you more. I know women are not as funny as men (sorry in advance), but you have to laugh at her jokes. You don’t have to laugh your assssofff, a simple laugh can do the job.

Also, laugh like you’re enjoying yourself. Girls are good at detecting fake laughs.

20: Your Social Media Followers

How many followers do you have? Strangely, girls notice it. Some girls like guys who have a decent amount of followers on social media, especially Instagram. However, it is not true for every girl, some girls don’t like guys who have a lot of followers.

21: Your Social Media Following List

Yes, girls notice this too. If you’re following hot models, be aware because she is checking it. Girls like to look at how many girls you’re following.

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