What Does It Mean When A Guy Scans Your BodyWhat Does It Mean When A Guy Scans Your Body

It feels awkward when someone scans our bodies. Not only women but men find it awkward too.

This action might seem weird, but the intention behind it may vary from person to person.

There are many reasons why people do that and in this post, we will be looking at those reasons. So make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Scans Your Body?

When a guy scans your body, it usually means he finds you attractive. But there could be many more reasons behind it.

So let’s look at them one by one.

1: You Have A Perfectly Balanced Face

When we see something beautiful, our eyes just stuck and they stop listening to our minds.

It is highly possible that the beauty you poses is just mesmerizing. It made him scan your body.

You may be feeling wonderful by reading it but let me tell you something.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Your beauty will attract people, but it will also attract creeps.

A normal nice dude would never scan your whole body, no matter how beautiful you are. You can also look at his facial expression, it can reveal a lot about his mindset.

Furthermore, you should learn the art of ignoring because your beauty would attract many stares and it might make you feel uncomfortable sometimes.

2: You Have Got A Curvy Body

Man will be man, they can act like a nice guy who doesn’t care about the woman’s body, but deep down all men desire a curvier body.

If you have got one, many guys would scan your body. It is not because they have a bad mentality, it is simply because they are built that way.

A curvier body subconsciously tells men that you would give a healthier child. It is possible that the guy who scanned your body got amazed by how nice your body is.

You can either ignore it or take it as an opportunity to increase bonding with him. It depends on you.

3: You Are Taller Than Him

Tall people attract more eyes, they look attractive too. If you are taller than him, he would scan your body, he would also try to find what’s your heel size.

Some guys find tall girls attractive but most don’t. In fact, men like short women more (shorter than them).

You can read more about it here – Do Guys Like Short Girls? (12 Reasons Why They Do)

4: Your Fashion Is Unique

Good fashion sense can make us attractive instantly, while bad ones would make us appear like a clown.

The people who say fashion doesn’t help in any way are wrong. Nice clothes can significantly boost your confidence and it has been proven.

Your dress could be the reason why he scanned your body, if you wear a dress that is different than the rest of the people, well people are going to scan you, so it shouldn’t be strange to you.

Having a unique style is important, people notice those who wear differently. But make sure to research properly about what type of clothes would look better on you because poor fashion can make you a laughable object.

5: He Likes You

Scanning your body is a strong sign that he likes you. When we like someone we admire their beauty, and we look at them with a little more focus.

If you like him too, well this could be an opportunity, but I suggest you look for some more strong signs just to be 100% sure whether he actually likes you or not.

But if you don’t like him, simply ignore him or talk to him about this. Ask him to stop looking at you. He would understand!

6: He Is A Jerk

There is no shortage of jerks in this world. It might be possible that the guy who scanned you is a jerk.

Was he a stranger? If yes, then the best thing you can do is just ignore such men.

7: You Scanned Him First

We all have learned a famous newton law in our childhood, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

Were you the one who scanned him first? If yes, it could mean that he scanned you because you did it first.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!


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