when a girl text first

So you just received a message from your crush and now you are eager to know why did she text me first? Well, you’re at the right place. In this post, I’ll be sharing 9 reasons why she texted you first.

However, all the reasons I’m about to mention are based on my personal experience and research I did online. So if you find something weird, do let me know in the comment section.

So what we are waiting for, let’s find out the 9 possible reasons.

1: She Wants Your Help

This is the most common reason why women text a guy first. If you got a message saying, “I need your help in this”, “can you help me?” or any kind of question that is intended for help, clearly tells.

She just needs your support for some time. So stop thinking that she likes you or can’t live without you. If your mind cooking thoughts like these, then stop it asap. Otherwise, it may break your heart when you’ll find out the truth.

If she needs your help, then help her. That way, you can win her trust and who knows, she might begin to like you.

2: She Was Feeling Bored

Another very common reason why girls text first. However, it is a positive sign too. If she is talking to you just because she was feeling bored, that means, she finds you funny or entertaining. It’s a good thing because no girl on earth hates funny guys.

You’re doing a great job. Keep making her laugh. You can take help from guides available online about how to make a girl laught through texts.

Also, don’t think that she is serious about you just because she laughs at your jokes. Girls show different kinds of signs when they are actually serious about you, read about the signs here.

3: She Likes You

Yes, you read it right. Maybe she likes you. Analyze her text, do you feel the emotion? Or the text is boring? The human brain can easily detect whether someone is enjoying talking to you or not.

If you feel a positive vibe when you talk to her, then congrats, you’re not just her ordinary friend. She wants to know more about you.

Keep the conversation long, that way you both will understand each other a little better. It will also build a strong foundation for your relationship.

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4: She Has Got A Work For You

Surprise, she has worked for you. Women are good at finding guys who do their job. They look for beta who are free all the time, and thankfully they’ve got you!

If you think she is giving a lot of work nowadays, then my friend, it’s time to transfer yourself from Beta to Sigma.

If she can finish the work on her own, then why the hell you’re working for her? Let her finish her job. Don’t fall just because you like her. Instead, finish your pending work, and work hard to build your future, not someone else.

5: It’s Been A Long Time

Let me guess! You both were friends but now you don’t talk to each other, right? She has done her part, she has initiated the conversation, and now it’s your chance to make that conversation long and better.

If she has sent a message after a long time, that means she remembers you and maybe likes you. Don’t let her go. Tell her that you would love to meet her one day. And, don’t take a long chatting break (like 6 months or 10 months), otherwise, one day she will definitely forget about you.

6: She Likes Talking To You

You’re the only guy she trusts, and she messages you about literally anything. Maybe she thinks you’re the right person, you’re the one who understands her true feelings. And, that’s why she likes talking to you.

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7: She Has News For You

She has something interesting to share with you. Maybe her best friend recently met a celebrity, or maybe she is going abroad next month. So don’t get over the moon just because you received one text from her, maybe she just wanna share the latest news with you.

8: She Loves You

When women love someone, they can’t live without them even for a second. Maybe she was feeling sad that you’re not around her, and that’s why she sent you a message.

Give her your all attention, chat with her to make her feel better. If you’re working on something important then tell her about it and decide a suitable time.

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9: She Finds You Hot, Cute, Handsome, etc

Yes, this could also be true. Maybe according to her, you’re the hottest creature living on this planet. Her messages will say it all. Just notice what she is expressing in her messages, and you’ll find out whether she actually considers you hot or not.

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