9 Awesome Reasons Why Girls Like Guys With Glasses (Specs)

Some guys think that wearing specs makes them appear unattractive, but that’s far from the truth. Specs don’t affect your attractiveness a lot, however, they might make your face appear unsymmetrical if you don’t wear the right size.

Finding the right size and style is easy nowadays, there are many great videos available about it. But we are not here to discuss what kind of style or size will look good on you, we will discuss it sometime later.

We wanna know, do girls like guys who wear glasses? So let’s find it out!

Do Girls Like Guys Who Wear Glasses/Specs?

Sadly, the answer isn’t straightforward, it depends on a lot of things. But the majority of girls (6 out of 10) find guys with glasses attractive, especially, if they have got a nice facial structure. In fact, specs can increase your attractiveness if you know how to choose the perfect glasses for yourself.

Also, if you don’t wear specs, that is okay too! Girls actually don’t care about whether the guy they are talking to is wearing specs or not.

If you have got some great communication skills or a really good personality, girls will feel attracted to you. Specs won’t bother them much.

Furthermore, there are many other important things that girls look for before dating any guy. Instead of worrying about your specs, you should be focussing on things like making money, improving communication skills, developing humor, enhancing confidence, and growing muscles. These are things that girls want in their partners, specs don’t matter much!

Now it’s time to look at the reasons why girls like guys with glasses:

1: Face Appear More Symmetrical

According to studies, symmetrical faces are much more attractive than asymmetrical ones. Unfortunately, only a few of us actually got symmetrical faces. It is very rare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your face appear symmetrical.

There are some ways that can help us get it. But some of them require consistency. For instance, jawline exercise can make your face symmetrical, but you have to do it regularly in order to make your face more symmetrical.

But there are some simple tricks available too, one of those tricks is wearing perfectly sized glasses.

According to a study, wearing glasses instantly gives the illusion of a perfectly symmetrical face. However, badly shaped glasses can do the opposite.

2: It’s Cute

Some guys do a lot of things to look cute, but they don’t focus on those tiny little things that can actually help them look cuter. Like wearing nice pair of glasses.

Girls find guys with glasses cute, and you can notice it in real life. Just wear glasses for a day, and see how many girls look at you. You will definitely see a growth in gazes!

3: Makes You Appear More Approachable

Girls won’t talk to you first unless you look approachable. Some men look rude even though they are actually very nice in nature. Making yourself look approachable is possible, you just have to smile more and keep your head high.

Wearing glasses can also make you appear approachable. Glasses create an illusion that you are a nice person. And, nice people always appear approachable.

Wearing glasses may help you get more friends too. But understand, it still depends on many things.

4: For Some, It’s A Sign Of Intelligence

Girls find intelligent guys really attractive. Intelligence makes you different than the rest, it is a rare trait. If you have a higher IQ or get higher marks in college/school exams, I guess, you probably get a lot of attention from girls.

It is because girls naturally get attracted to powerful men, like money, intelligence is also a sign of power.

Now if a guy is wearing glasses, it doesn’t mean he is intelligent. But, he will surely look intelligent because we assume that guys who wear glasses are always intelligent.

5: Loyalty

Loyalty is becoming rare quality in today’s generation. Thankfully, it hasn’t completely disappeared, some men and women still believe that loyalty is everything in a relationship.

Women care about loyalty more than men, and it is one of the most important things for girls. They look for it before choosing their partner.

Glasses can make you look loyal, however, it still depends on your face and the way of treat people.

Maybe men who wear glasses look more friendly and because of that, they appear loyal too. There is no research to prove this claim, but if I find anything, I will definitely update it here.

6: Confidence

Guys who wear glasses generally appear more confident. Many studies have proven that confidence attracts females.

By the way, there is a big difference between actually being confident and appearing confident. Men who are actually confident, shine in almost everything, but those who just pretend to be confident, but are not confident in reality, generally struggle to achieve what they want in their life.

Glasses can just help you in appearing confident, but they won’t make you confident in reality. Take steps that can make you confident. The competition outside is crazy, you need the confidence to shine!

7: It Screams Maturity

Glasses don’t just make you appear confident, but they also make you look more mature. Girls prefer a mature partner for themselves over a childish partner.

Looking mature can help you in many things, people will take your words seriously, and you will look like a leader too, and that’s really awesome.

8: Hair Appear Better

I don’t have any study to prove the connection between glasses and hair, but I have personally observed that guys who wear glasses generally have better hairstyles than guys who don’t wear glasses.

Maybe I’m the only one who has noticed it, but there is one thing certain, and that is girls find good hairstyles quite hot.

9: Seriousness

I have a friend who wears glasses and looks dead serious, but in reality, he is the funniest guy I have ever met. Glasses sometimes make the person appear serious even though they are very funny in reality.

Some girls like guys who look serious. Seriousness also indicates maturity, and as I said, most girls want a mature partner. Serious men also seem loyal.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!