where to look when taking a picturewhere to look when taking a picture

Non-photogenic people find it really hard to give a good pose for a photo. They often get confused about where to look and how to pose perfectly.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some vital info that may make you better when it comes to giving a good pose for a photo.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1: Look Into The Camera

This is by far the easiest pose to give. Instead of looking elsewhere, look right into the camera lens with confidence. Have a big smile on your face (a genuine smile), and just relax, I guarantee you’ll look great.

It’s all about confidence, if you have confidence, you’ll look good in every picture. Also, to remove camera fear, you should start clicking more pictures of yourself. Day by day, your fear of the camera will fade away.

If you can’t click pictures on your own, ask your friend to do it for you. Furthermore, take real reviews from your friends about your pictures, that way, you would know exactly where you have to work in order to improve your camera presence.

2: Little Sidewise Pose

You don’t need to turn sidewise completely, just turn your head right or left a little bit, then relax your body and try to focus on something nearby.

You can have a smile on your face if you want. Put your hands in your pocket and wait for the cameraman to click a marvelous picture.

This pose is classic, everyone looks good in it.

3: Ear Forward Pose

Credit: kellymcphail.com

In this pose, you have to point your ears in the direction of the camera, turn a little bit, and boom! You’ll have your perfect pose.

This pose is particularly good for women who have a double chin. It may help in hiding your double chin if you have one.

4: Walk Towards The Camera

Another really easy pose to try. In this pose, you need to set multiple shutters in your camera, once it is perfectly set, then just walk toward the camera and you’ll have a really cool picture yourself.

This pose never gets out of trend and always looks amazing. However, there is a suggestion for you, walk slowly so that your camera can take better pictures.

5: Look Back At The Camera

If you’re about to wear a dress that has a really cool back design, you can try this pose. It will highlight your dress’s back design nicely.

Also, this pose is a must if you’re using Instagram. Almost every influencer has used this pose in the past because it is that good.

6: Kicking Legs Up

This pose might look weird for some people but believe me, this pose can make your picture really awesome. You just need to kick your legs up and that’s it.

Make sure to not kick really high, just a small kick can do the job for you. Also, this pose looks really fun, in the picture you should look like you’re enjoying this moment.

7: Lean Against The Pole Or Wall

Find a decent-looking wall or poll, lean on it and ask your cameraman to click. Another really simple yet effective pose you can try right now.

However, you have to give a good expression in order to make this pose attractive because a bad expression can ruin this pose quite easily.

Thanks for reading!

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