Why Do Girls Never DM FirstWhy Do Girls Never DM First

Women are tough to understand, they are way different than guys.

Most men don’t hesitate to send a message first, especially, when they find someone really pretty, while (most) women won’t dm first no matter how handsome the guy is.

But why do they do this? To find out, I did some research online and asked numerous girls about it, and in this post, I’ll reveal the secret.

Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

1: They Expect Guys To Make The First Move

Every girl expects guys to make the first move. It’s in-built, and it’s nearly impossible to change this mindset.

However, not every woman is the same, some do text first, but most expect guys to make the first move. According to women, it just looks more manly.

2: Chase Game

Girls enjoy it when a guy chases them. It makes them feel special, it also tells that the guy remembers who you are and he is showing interest in knowing you more.

As I said, girls are a little weird. They like it when a guy chases them and shows interest, however, if he starts to chase them too much, they will find him irritating, and most of them would begin ignoring him.

It’s important to show interest, but chasing too much would not benefit at all. In fact, you’ll end up losing your respect. Chase a girl in a limit, that’s the key!

3: This Is How Society Works

The mindset that women have today is the result of society and primary education. People believe that a guy should pay for a date, and should message first if he is interested in a woman.

It’s because according to society it’s more “manly”. I don’t personally hate this system because as a guy I also think that I should message a girl first, however, if I receive a message first from the girl I like, I would not feel anything weird. In fact, it would feel truly amazing!

4: The Guys Are Weird Too!

Some guys are weird too. When a girl sends them a message, they start to think that she likes them or finds them really hot, however, it’s true in some cases, but it’s not true in most.

Maybe she just wants to know what you do for a living? What type of job do you do? Or Whether can you help her in completing her assignment or not?

Whenever you receive a message from a female, always think from your mind, our heart always pushes us to see a romantic angle, it’s what our heart does. Listen to your mind first!

5: Too Many Messages

As a guy, I hardly receive one or two messages a day, but girls receive tons of messages every day, especially, if their account isn’t private.

There are many simps out there, they send hundreds of messages to unknown girls.

What would you do if you start to receive 100 messages a day, would you send a random guy a message first or would you finish the 100 messages you have received?

If I start getting hundreds of messages a day, I would literally turn off social media, and will only use it once a week. Social media would become a headache for me.

6: Social Media Talk Doesn’t Have Any Value

Women give more value to real-life talk than social media. if you meet a woman in real life, she would feel more attracted to you than on social media.

Your chances of getting her number while talking to her in real life would be way more than talking to her on social media.

Also, girls only like to talk with guys who know them in real life. They hate talking to strangers. Btw, some girls might talk to a stranger, but only if their profile picture looks genuine and clear.

7: They Don’t Know You

Girls do text first to someone they know personally.

So if you are waiting for a text from your crush, you might need to increase your friendship with her in real life, that’s the only way that can help you get a text from her first.

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How To Get DM’s From Random Girls

There are some tricks that might help, however, the most effective way to get the DM first is still meeting them in real life. But here is the things that might help:

  • Grow Your Instagram Followers List

Girls will message you if you’re really popular. Becoming popular isn’t easy I know, Do something that can help you in becoming popular. You can buy followers too, but I don’t recommend it.

  • Your Profile Picture Should Be Clear

Don’t use a fake profile picture or a blurry picture. Show yourself in the picture, the picture should be clear and your face must look clear.

  • Have A Nice Bio

You can use a funny bio because girls adore funny guys. However, you can use a professional-looking bio too.

  • Follow Her

Follow her so that she can know that you exist.

  • Watch Every Story She Uploads

Watch every story she uploads, it can help in getting noticed by her.

  • Like Every Picture She Uploads

It can also raise your chances of getting noticed by her.

  • Wait

Wait and wait till she DM you.

I hope you find this post helpful, thanks for reading!

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