Why Do Girls Stick Their Tongues Out While Taking SelfiesWhy Do Girls Stick Their Tongues Out While Taking Selfies

Sticking our tongues out while taking pictures isn’t a woman’s thing, some men do this too, however, if you look at the majority then you would find that it has become a habit for some women. They just can’t keep their tongue inside while taking a photo, especially selfies.

Now, to find out why girls do that, I went to several forums, watched some videos, and asked some of my female friends, and here is what I got.

Actually, there are multiple reasons why women do that, so let’s look at them one by one.

1: It’s An Expression Of Enjoyment

When we feel excited, our facial expression changes quickly, it’s a natural phenomenon. When a woman is sticking her tongue out when taking a selfie, it indicates that she is enjoying the moment. Sometimes some women fake it, but most of the time, it is a strong indication that they are feeling amazing!

You’ll also notice that they don’t just put their tongues out but also smile. That smile makes them feel even better. So let them enjoy, in fact, you should try sticking out your tongue too sometimes while taking a picture of yourself. You’ll feel great!

2: It Gives Confidence

Some women feel insecure about their faces while taking pictures, they think too much about their looks and how they are looking.

Sticking their tongue out can actually make them feel confident, and it’s a great way to distract the focus from their blemishes, scar, and other facial issues too. People will notice their facial expressions more rather than their overall facial features. Which is a good thing!

3: They Are Inspired By Someone

Sticking the tongue out is a kind of a trend, so many women do that. Maybe the girl you saw sticking her tongue out is inspired by her friend or any celeb.

Social media influences a lot of young minds these days. Almost everyone is on social media, and it’s easy to get influenced. Maybe she saw someone looking amazing when they stuck their tongue out. So she thought that she will also try it out just to see how she is looking by doing that.

4: It Makes Them Appear Cute

Girls look really cute when they do these silly things, and I know you agree with me here!

Women normally like to be called cute than hot or sexy. So they prefer things that can make them appear cute and adorable. While most men like being rough and tough, so they follow things that can make them that.

5: It Brings Out Their Inner Child

The world is becoming more and more competitive. We run behind money every day and that has made so many people sad and depressed. Everyone has an inner child in them, but due to the pressure we see every day, that child never comes out.

However, when we have an opportunity to bring that happy child out, we don’t wait, we just do it! Sticking her tongue out is a sign that her inner child hasn’t finished yet.

6: It’s Better Than An Expression Less Selfie

Girls don’t want their selfies to be expressionless, they wanna let people know how much they are enjoying their lives. Dead selfies don’t look good unless you are too attractive.

Being expressive in a picture, make that picture more memorable!

7: It Makes Them Happier

Everyone wants to be happy and make others happy, but due to the tension we see every day, it’s just hard to be happy all the time. Ditching opportunities that can make us happy would be stupid. So when that happy moment comes, we take them with both hands.

Taking a selfie while sticking our tongues out may seem like a simple thing, but it actually brings happiness, especially when we do that with someone close to our hearts.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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