Why Do Guys Like Messy Buns?Why Do Guys Like Messy Buns?

Are you confused about which hairstyle to choose? Well, a messy bun could be a great hairstyle for you because guys just love it.

A messy bun isn’t a simple hairstyle. You have to know the perfect steps before trying it out otherwise, it may not look good on you.

In this post, I’ll share 7 reasons why guys like messy buns so much. So make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info!

Why Do Guys Like Messy Buns?

There 7 main reasons why guys like this hairstyle so much. All 7 reasons I’m about to mention are based on my experience and some research I did online for this post.

1: Shows Facial Features

The messy bun hairstyle can help you in showing your facial features more precisely.

This hairstyle stops hair from covering your ears, some portion of the neck, and some portions of cheeks, and that allows your face to show more.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable revealing your facial features (like the jawline, cheeks, and neck), you can avoid this hairstyle.

But keep on experimenting until you find yourself a perfect hairstyle.

2: It Looks Professional

The name “Messy Bun” might not sound professional, but this hairstyle can literally make you appear more professional.

If you’re an office woman, this hairstyle is a must. You should try it at least once if you haven’t already.

Many men feel attracted to women who appear serious and professional. Guys would definitely pay attention to you, especially in the office, or in a meeting.

3: Can Give Princess Vibe

If you do it correctly, you might look like a princess (not kidding). The messy bun hairstyle is quite trending in weddings too.

Weddings are just incomplete without them, in fact, many brides use this hairstyle in their marriages, and guys love it.

This hairstyle is just made for special events.

4: It Looks High Class

The messy bun hairstyle can literally make you look high-class if you style it in the right way and wear the right dress.

Gowns can be the perfect dress for your messy bun hairstyle. It will make your hairstyle appear more high class, and ultimately, you’ll look high class too.

If you’re about to attend an event and haven’t chosen any dress yet, then grows or sundress can be a perfect option for you as both of them perfectly suits a messy bun hairstyle.

5: It Looks Unique

Even though many women are trying messy bun hairstyles, you would be a little shocked to know that this hairstyle is still quite unique.

You would hardly find anyone with this hairstyle on the streets. It is because this hairstyle isn’t easy to set. You have to learn some steps that are essential for this hairstyle.

There are many great tutorials available on Youtube about how to set a perfect messy bun hairstyle. Search for it when you have free time.

6: Eyes Appear Better

Whenever I see a woman with a messy bun hairstyle, my mind instantly starts focusing on her eyes.

I don’t why, but the eyes appear a lot more attractive in this hairstyle. Btw, it’s just my personal observation.

7: Face Appear More Symmetrical

According to science, symmetrical faces appear more beautiful than non-symmetrical ones. Research has shown that both men and women find faces that are symmetrical more pleasing as it is seen as beautiful and attractive.

Getting a symmetrical face naturally is very difficult, you would have to do tons of face exercises for it. However, there are some tricks that you can use to make your face appear more symmetrical.

One of the ticks is using the right hairstyle, and guess what? A messy bun hairstyle can make your face appear symmetrical to some extent. So if you haven’t had a symmetrical face, try a messy bun hairstyle. It can help!

How To Get A Perfect Messy Bun

There are many tutorials available on the internet, but I found these 2 super easy to understand and well-detailed. One is a video and one is a blog post.

Check below blog link to understand better:

Blog Post: The Perfect Messy Bun in 3 Easy Steps

Is Messy Bun Hairstyle Good For Hair Health?

It depends on how strong your hairs are, it’s not good for those who have weaker hair. This hairstyle requires hard pull which can cause your hair to pluck out, and ultimately, you may experience hair loss.

Before trying this hairstyle, make sure your health is good now, otherwise, it can damage your hair deeply.

I hope you liked this post!

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