Adding your girlfriend to your car insurance policy is equivalent to taking your relationship to the next level.

It is especially vital if you want to live together or if your spouse drives your car frequently.

However, many concerns must be running through your mind, such as “Is it even possible?” “What companies allow that?” and “Will I have to pay an extra premium”?

So, in this piece, I’ll clear up any confusion you may have, so read all the way to the conclusion.

Can I Add My Girlfriend To My (USAA) Car Insurance?

The good news is that you can add your girlfriend to your car insurance. There is a special clause that allows that.

If you and your girlfriend are living in the same location, what happens is that the insurance company will consider her a member of your household and request that you add your girlfriend to your car insurance policy.

In fact, experts suggest that you should add your loved one to the insurance policy if they take your car out for a long time.

Cost and Premiums

According to the general rules, adding someone to your policy is free of charge. However, adding a new driver to your coverage may raise your premiums, especially if your girlfriend has a bad driving record.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company for further information on this, as policies may differ slightly from company to company.

What Does Permissive Use Mean?

Most vehicle insurance companies contain a “Permissive Use” clause that covers those who use your car infrequently.

In other words, this clause covers people who drive your car less than 10 to 15 times a year.

If that person who doesn’t drive your car a lot, runs into an accident, the insurance company may provide coverage.

However, there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of. If your significant other is subject to any of the following restrictions, they may need to be named as a driver on your policy:

  • Member of household: You need to add the member of your household as a listed driver in the policy, if they drive your car. If your Gf lives with you, she needs to be added.
  • Uninsured: If your girlfriend is uninsured, your insurance company probably won’t allow you to grant that person permissive use.
  • Little to no driving experience: If your girlfriend has zero driving experience, the company will not grant her permissive use.
  • Business use: Your girlfriend might not be covered by your permissive use provision if she intends to use your automobile for work-related travel.

When To Add Your Girlfriend To Your Car Insurance

There are basically five things you need to check. If she falls into any of these, she must be added to your Car Insurance:

  • If She Uses Your Car Frequently

If you let your girlfriend drive your car often, or if you both go to the same office in your car and she drives you to the office often, she must be added as the driver in the insurance policy. Not doing that can turn out pretty badly, so if you haven’t added her, do it quickly.

  • If Your Girlfriend Has Been Living With You For A While

The company will ask you to add her if she has been living with you because they will view her as a family member; however, if for any reason the company hasn’t, you must take action and add her to the policy.

  • If She Doesn’t Have Car Insurance

Some auto insurance providers do not offer permissive use. Read the terms and conditions carefully to see if your company allows permissive use; if not, your coverage may not pay for damages if your partner is in an accident with your automobile.

When To Not Add Your Girlfriend To Your Car Insurance

  • If She Has A Terrible Driving Record

Companies check driving records, and if your girlfriend has a bad record, the rates will be significantly high. Bad drivers are more expensive to insure.

  • She Doesn’t Use Your Car Often

If she never uses your car or only uses it once or twice in a year, you don’t have to add her as she will be likely covered under the permissive use clause of your insurance policy.

  • She Lives Somewhere Else

If she doesn’t live with you and doesn’t use your car, you don’t need to include her in the policy.

  • If Your Partner Has a Poor Credit Score

Insurance firms have discovered a correlation between the volume of insurance claims and low credit scores. Thus, adding your partner could result in an increase in your auto insurance premium if she has a low credit score.

How To Add Your GF To Your Car Insurance Policy

There are several ways you may take to add your partner to your insurance policy. Let’s go through some of the steps:

  • Contact Your Insurance Company

The insurance company’s contact details will be provided to you, but for some reason, if you don’t have any details, you can simply visit their contact page on the Internet or you can search for it on Google.

Call them and share your query or send them an email with your registered ID. The agent will help you with your concern as soon as possible.

  • App and Website Method

Visit your insurer’s website or app, and log in to your account, there will be an option to add another driver. Once you click that option, you will need to fill up the details of the driver.

  • Review

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, you will be asked to review the things you have filled up, once you have reviewed, click confirm and go to the next page.

  • Charges

The insurer may ask to pay some charges or may provide you the details about updated charges.

So, these were some of the steps you may take to add your partner to your policy.

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