Why Don't Girls Pay Attention To Me?Why Don't Girls Pay Attention To Me?

It feels pretty bad when girls ignore us. It feels like we have some kind of defect, or our face and body just isn’t good enough. However, we can fix everything, and remove those negative feelings that make us feel terrible about ourselves. It is not easy but it is very much possible.

Today in this post, I’ll be sharing the problems you have and I’m gonna share the solutions to fix those problems. Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

1: You Don’t Have Any Quality

Why would girls pay attention to you if you don’t have anything eye catchy? Having a trait is crucial especially if you want to attract females.

Not everyone gets an attractive face or body naturally. If you want to compete with guys who are much more handsome than you, then you need some kind of uniqueness, and your talent can make you unique.

If you know how to sing, dance, or have any talent, you must not let that talent waste. Take participation in college or school events, or if you aren’t a student then look for the talent hunts happening in your city.

Gather some courage and take the participation.

2: You Don’t Feel Confident

The competition outside is insanely high. Without confidence, you would struggle to achieve anything. Men with high confidence, don’t fear revealing their feelings to women, and that’s why they most of the time end up getting into a relationship with the girl they find attractive.

While a man who lacks confidence, thinks negatively, and his negative mentality makes him weaker from the inside. When we don’t feel confident, saying even a “Hi” would feel like climbing a mountain.

Becoming a confident person is challenging. especially, if you are an introvert. To raise your confidence level, you have to interact with people more, especially girls.

Furthermore, while talking to girls, make sure you are making eye contact with them. And, stand straight, mind your posture. A bad posture could make you unattractive.

There are many guides that can help you in correcting your posture. Search for them, and apply the tips they share to your day-to-day life.

Making eye contact and standing with the right posture can instantly make you appear confident.

3: Your Fashion Sense Is Terrible

Has anyone ever complimented your clothes or style ever? If not, then the problem might be your fashion sense. Maybe your fashion sense is poor or it needs an upgrade.

Take genuine reviews from your friends, and ask them what they think about your style.

If most of the answers are negative, then it’s the right time to upgrade your style. Or if you think your friends aren’t giving you a genuine answer, then analyze the dressing sense of the guy who is quite popular among girls.

Compare your style with his. If the difference is significant, then enhance your style now,

You don’t need extremely expensive clothes to look fashionable, even a simple black shirt can do the job for you if you know what would work well with it.

Girls notice your fashion, guys who are stylish easily catch the attention of girls. Work on your style so that you can also catch the attention of those pretty girls in your area.

4: You Spend Most Of Your Time With Boys

I know you like spending time with your besties, but spending every moment with them might not help you in attracting girls.

Give some of your time to girls too, maybe one of them would fall in love with you, who knows.

5: You Don’t Look Approachable

Some people are very friends in reality but their faces just don’t look friendly. Maybe you don’t appear approachable and that’s why girls don’t make eye contact with you or don’t talk to you.

It is possible to look approachable, you just need to smile a bit more, keep your head high, and stop using your smartphone all the time.

Smiling not only make you look more approachable but also makes you happier. Smile even if things aren’t going the way you wanted. Once you start doing the things I mentioned at this point. I’m sure you would definitely see some improvements.

6: You Are Going For Girls That Are Out Of Your League

It might be a little hard to digest for some of you, but it is quite possible that the girl you are going for is just too good for you.

Now, in this case, you would have to compete with an insane amount of guys. She would have a lot of options to choose from.

It is not impossible to win the heart of a very pretty girl, but you would have to improve yourself a lot.

You will have to show her why you would be the best guy for her. The easier way to reach her heart would be to become famous and rich.

Once you are famous, it would be much easier for you to get attention from her. Becoming popular used to be difficult but now when everyone is on the internet, it is not as difficult as it used to be.

So there is hope for you!

7: You Are Poor

Girls want a wealthy partner for themselves. It’s all BS that girls don’t look for money while choosing their partners. They do and they must do it because money is something that can give her future child better life.

Money is important, it not only makes you attractive but also fixes many problems and gives your family better life.

According to me, instead of learning how to get attention from girls, you should be learning how to make more money.

Once you have a bigger bank balance, you can buy yourself luxurious things such as expensive clothes, houses, and cars, and you can travel to different places too.

So make money, it can fix every problem occurring in your life!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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