Why Funny Guys Are The Best?Why Funny Guys Are The Best?

Laughing is one of the healthiest activities; nobody hates it. Unfortunately, the majority of people lack humor, thus those who can make someone laugh instantly become appealing.

This post may be helpful for you if you think a funny guy likes you but are unsure if he will be the right man for you. I’ll list seven reasons why dating funny guys is the best in this article.

Please be sure to read this entire post to get a better understanding. Let’s get started right away!

1: Laughing Is Good For Your Health

Laughing, according to doctors, boosts your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and raises the endorphins released by your brain.

Similarly, countless other research has shown that laughing is good for your health. Unfortunately, in today’s world, everyone is chasing money, fame, and success; the unfortunate part is that only a few people achieve success, leaving the majority of us with stress and depression.

A person who can make us laugh can undoubtedly improve our mental health and lower the amount of stress we experience on a daily basis.

If he can make you laugh, you shouldn’t let him leave because doing so will prevent you from getting healthier and bringing more enjoyment into your life.

2: You’ll Never Get Bored With A Funny Man

If he’s truly funny, there won’t be a single dull moment. With their humor, funny guys can transform bad/dull situations into great ones.

We only have one life, and we spend half of it sleeping and the other half working, thinking, walking, using the restroom and toilet, reading, and dealing with stress.

I mean, life is short, and we can’t do much about the time we spend working, using the restroom, and walking, but we can certainly eliminate or reduce the time we spend stressing.

So, who can assist us in lowering stressful situations? You guessed it: a witty individual.

3: They Are Confident

It takes guts to make people laugh. It is not a simple task!

According to surveys, women believe that humorous guys are smarter, more likely to be honest, and more confident.

There are countless studies indicating a link between confidence and attractiveness. Without confidence, a man would struggle to make someone laugh because he will doubt himself a lot and that would stop him from expressing his thoughts more precisely.

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4: They Get along Well With Everyone

No one hates funny guys, in fact, people love spending their time with them. Funny guys know how to make friends, and they also don’t pick up unnecessary fights.

While serious guys don’t get along well with anyone easily. They usually have a smaller friend circle, and they make everything boring.

If you don’t want a man who always picks up fights, never shows any signs of happiness, and always stays angry, then you must start dating a funny man.

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5: They Can Make Your Life Positive

Funny men are constantly upbeat; they do not promote negativity and do not back-bitch.

If you are going through a difficult moment, you should spend time with the most entertaining person you know. I did it and it helped me a lot, and I’m confident it will help you as well.

According to research, positivity can reduce depression symptoms, anguish, and pain, as well as increase resilience to illnesses and improve psychological and physical well-being.

6: They Have Emotional Intelligence

Researchers discovered that those who are funny had higher emotional intelligence. Those with greater EQ (Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence) communicate better, have lower levels of anxiety and stress, can defuse conflicts, have the maturity to strengthen relationships, know how to empathize, and are effective in conquering life’s problems.

So what does all of this mean? It means that if you marry a funny man, you’ll almost certainly never have arguments/fights over insignificant things in your relationship.

7: They Can Bring Your Inner Child

I’m sure that living in today’s busy world has made you a very serious person, but I also think that you want to be the same person who once enjoyed having fun, laughing, and seeing new places, but you are unable to do so now due to stress and work.

Thus, while a hilarious man might not restore your life to its former glory, he can undoubtedly increase your level of happiness or delight.

I hope you found this post to be useful.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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