Signs A Guy Is Pretending To Be StraightSigns A Guy Is Pretending To Be Straight

Before I begin this post, I just wanna clear up one thing. I don’t hate gay people. I think they are human and deserve respect as much as we do. Thanks!

At first glance, it’s quite hard to tell whether the guy you’ve been talking to is straight or not because, at the first meeting, we can’t know much about the person, but it is still possible to find out if the guy is actually straight or just pretending to be straight. To find it out, you have to closely observe his behavior, you can find out his sexuality.

In this post, I’ll discuss the signs that can confirm whether the guy you have been dating is gay or not. So make sure to read everything to get a complete info.

1: He Follows A Lot Of Male Models (Especially Bodybuilders)

Well, it might be possible that he is passionate about bodybuilding, or maybe he is a fan of some bodybuilders, but following a lot of bodybuilders, especially, bodybuilders who post semi nudes pictures is very suspicious.

I have a friend who is bisexual and he is following hundreds of muscular models on his Instagram. He isn’t following them for bodybuilding tips, he is following them to fulfill his desires.

Also, check his Insta feed, it can tell a lot about him and the things he likes. If his Insta feed is filled with many semi-nude muscular guys, it is highly likely that he likes males more than females.

2: He Checks Out Guys While Walking

If he is truly into males, it will be impossible for him to not look at other guys, especially guys who have got big butts. Notice how many times he looks at random guys while walking with you.

Also, his eyes will focus more on areas like the butt, chest, and face. A straight man will never check out another man’s buttocks unless it is weirdly big.

Also, notice whether he looks at females or not. If he is ignoring females but paying attention to guys, it strongly indicates that he likes guys.

3: He Has Dated Very Few Women

Look at his dating history, or simply ask how many girls he has dated before dating you. If he is not straight, I’m sure you would not get enough info because bisexual or gay men rarely date a woman.

Also, if you find that he has dated a guy before, it strongly means that he still has feelings for guys, and it also means that he lied about himself to you, and you must not date a liar!

Dating a liar could be disastrous for you because liars tend to cheat.

4: He Acts Differently

Observe his body behavior, you’ll find something unusual. As per my experience, gay men move their hands more while talking compared to straight men, and their voices also sound different, it sounds a little girly.

It might be difficult for you to catch at first, but once you start spending more time with him, you’ll be able to detect differences clearly. However, you have to pay a little more attention because some men are very good at hiding it.

5: He Compliments Other Dudes

Does he give compliments to guys? If yes, that could be another quite strong sign that he is pretending to be straight.

Giving one or two compliments might be normal, but giving too many compliments shows that he has feelings for men.

You might also notice that he likes to receive compliments from other guys as well. You will see him blush or act girly each time he receives a compliment from a guy.

6: He Never Flirts With You

When a man is attracted to you, he will surely say some flirtatious lines to you. I know some guys are shy in nature, and it’s hard for them to flirt, but they too will show some effort to let you know that they feel attracted to you. However, guys who aren’t straight, won’t show any effort to win your heart.

Homosexual males will never or rarely say any flirtatious lines to you. Even if they say something flirtatious to you, that would be emotionless.

7: He Watches Gay Stuff

Watching X rated videos is common nowadays, both women and men watch it, but the problem is, men who are straight, don’t watch gay stuff at any cost, they find it gross, however, bisexual males and gay men prefer watching gay stuff more than straight, it releases more dopamine inside their head.

If you have caught him watching gay x rated vids, it means he is surely into it.

8: He Uses Sus Dating Apps

A few years back, LGBTQ dating apps weren’t available in the market, but now it’s possible to find a same-sex partner with the help of newly released apps like Grindr, Scruff, Chappy, etc.

Mahasable has released the list of best LGBTQ dating apps, check it out by clicking here. If you saw your partner using any of these LGBTQ dating apps on his phone, it is possible that your partner is not straight.

9: He Avoids Lovemaking With You

Having sex once or twice every week is crucial, it releases happiness hormones inside our bodies and these hormones help us to fight those negative thoughts that come inside our minds through stress and work pressure.

Straight people normally don’t deny an opportunity for lovemaking, especially, if they are in the mood. However, denying lovemaking opportunities every time or not asking for sex might be a sign that your partner isn’t interested in straight sex.

Also, if his willy doesn’t erect when you touch him or kiss him, then that could be another strong sign that he is just pretending to be straight.

10: He Has Very Few Male Friends

There was a time when people used to kill homosexual people just because they are homosexual. It was a horrible time, however, things are changing now. Many countries are accepting gay people and giving them their right to live life happily.

But, there are still many men who don’t like to make gay friends. They have a mindset that gay people only want sex, nothing else. And, because of that many straight men avoid becoming friends with non-straight people.

If your man has only a few male friends, it might mean he is secretly homosexual or bisexual.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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