do women wear ties

Women’s dresses are quite different than men’s. However, a man usually doesn’t dress like a woman, but some women can and do dress like men.

Society accepts women when they dress like a man, however, sadly, society talks shit about men who wear feminine clothes.

Btw, we aren’t here to discuss what society does wrong or right. We are here to find out, can a woman wear a tie or do women wear ties?

Well, we’ll surely find the answer in this post, and we’ll also learn some things, so make sure to read the complete post.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Do Women Wear Ties?

Yes, women do wear ties, especially women who work in sophisticated jobs. Women at higher positions such as CEO, CMO, Founder wear ties most of the time.

However, it is up to women, they are the ones who decide whether they actually wanna wear ties or not. Most women prefer wearing ties when they wanna look a little more professional. And, some of them wear it because the place where they work requires a tie.

If she is going to a party, club, or restaurant, 99.99% of the time, she won’t wear a tie because it won’t suit the location. Women are really good at style.

They know how to look stylish so wearing a tie for a club or restaurant will make them look like a fool, so surely they won’t wear it.

Also, some women do feel a little uncomfortable wearing tie because most of them haven’t done that before and nobody expects them to wear a tie.

Further, women usually don’t buy ties online, so if they won’t buy them, how are they gonna wear them. That’s why you don’t see many women who wear ties.

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Can A Woman Wear Tie?

Of course, they can. Nobody can stop them from wearing a tie. They look fabulous when they wear them. I don’t think it’s even a valid question because a tie is not something strange or rare thing that was woman can’t wear.

If you’re a woman reading this post. I encourage you to try wearing a time once in your lifetime at least. It feels great, especially, if wear it in a suit.

Sadly, the society we are living in right now doesn’t accept women who wear ties as much as men. However, things are changing now, a lot of women are now wearing ties and other accessories that society thinks only a man should wear.

There is one suggestion, however, to do not wear it where it isn’t required. I know you understand very well, where you should and where you shouldn’t wear a tie.

The best places where you can wear a tie would be in an interview, office meeting, client meeting, school (if you’re a teacher), on a stage.

The places where you shouldn’t wear would be in malls, clubs, homes, restaurants, and theaters. However, it is just my suggestion, if you still think you can wear a tie where it doesn’t even require, then it’s totally your choice, I’m just a blogger who gives suggestions. If you don’t want to take my suggestion, it is your choice, and I respect it.

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How To Wear A Tie?

After reading this post, some of you will try to wear a tie. However, not everyone knows how to wear a tie, here are the steps which may help you about how to wear a tie perfectly.

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  • Step 1: Begin with the tie draped over both ends of your neck (as with any different tie.) Confirm the wider end is towards the right.
  • Step 2: Now, cross the right end (the wide one) over the thin end.
  • Step 3: In one swift movement, get the wide end inward, and take it up, additionally passing it through the intersection/hole created at the center due to the last crossing-over step. Pull it down, but from under not over.
  • Step 4: Similarly, bring the wide end to the right, then inward, then left, so it again hands through the intersection, coming out from or at the left side of your neck.
  • Step 5: Once again, get the wider end to the center from the left, and after that inward and down again via the intersection. It will now reach out to the right.
  • Step 6: Ultimately, after one time again inserting the wide end through the junction in the center and then dragging it down, giving it under the neck, insert it carefully between the front horizontal part. Now, just pull both ends to pull your tie!

Why You Should Wear A Tie

Let’s check out some of the reasons why you should wear a tie.

  • Boost In Confidence

High confidence can lead to success. A tie subconsciously makes you feel good about yourself. It gives you a sense of power and authority which can increase your confidence. Wear them whenever you feel like you’re going to have a sh*t day at the office.

  • Ties Can Make Your Boring Outfit Look Interesting

Ties not only increase your confidence but also enhance your overall style. It’s great for the first impression. Wear it when you feel like your outfit needs a tie.

  • Ties Help You Stand Out

Not many girls wear ties, you will look different than them when you’ll have a tie. People will notice you more. If you feel good when people notice you, then try wearing ties more.

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It is a big misconception that women don’t wear ties. In fact, a lot of women who are in higher positions wear ties. If you’re a woman and want to wear a tie, then try it today. I know society thinks differently, don’t care about them, wearing a tie can literally enhance your confidence instantly, and I know you don’t wanna miss that confidence boost, am I right?

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