Japanese man with beard

You may not have seen any Japanese or Korean men with beards or mustaches? But why? Why they don’t grow any facial hair? If you have questions like these in your mind, then you’re at the right place.

In this post, I’ll share 5 exact reasons why Japanese and Korean people prefer clean shaves over beards and mustaches.

However, all the information that I’m about to share in this post is based on the research I did online. So if you find something wrong or strange, do let me know using comment box. Thanks!

1: They Find It Unhygienic

This is shocking but true. Japanese people, especially, females believe that facial hair makes a man appear unhygienic.

No other country in the world except these two (Japan and Korea) see men with facial hair as unhygienic. However, if you’re a foreigner, then Japanese people would not care about how thick your facial hair is.

They only see Japanese men with hair unhygienic. So if you’re someone who has a long beard and planning to visit one of these countries in the future, don’t worry, you don’t need to clean off your beard, as you’re a foreigner, no one would point out your beard.

2: Office Culture

In Japan, almost every working-class man is clean shaved, it is because most offices have strict guidelines about facial hair, most of them do not allow beards and mustaches.

Japanese & Korean people are very hardworking and care a lot about their workplace. So if their workplace has decided to prohibit facial hair, they will surely follow it.

3: It’s Natural

Naturally, Chinese, Japanese, and koreans don’t get complete thick beards. The environment could be a major factor. The temperature and humidity usually stay very low there.

So it becomes really hard to grow a beard naturally. That’s why you don’t see many eastern Asian men with thick facial hair.

4: Society Impact

It’s kinda taboo nowadays to grow facial hair in these countries. Which is kinda sad. Their society has now developed a type of mindset which very hard to change. People there have accepted that growing facial hair is not our culture.

5: Most Men There Like Being Clean Shave

Yes, most men there enjoy being clean shave more. So I think we should let them enjoy it. I also think they look good beardless. It gives them and their culture a different identity, it makes them different than us, which is a good thing.

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