How Can He Forget Me So Easily?How Can He Forget Me So Easily?

You both were in deep love but because of some problems, you had to break up. He is moved on, and he is happy in his life, but you’re still remembering those old good days.

Is it your story? If you said yes, then you’re just like me, even though I’m a male, but I can understand the pain you’re suffering right now, I also struggled to get over those old feelings.

Every time I tried to forget about her, something happened and reminded me of her and those beautiful days.

However, I managed to forget her, it took time but I did it. You’ll know about how I managed to erase her feelings from my mind later in this post.

But first, let’s look at the reasons for his happiness and how he forgot about you so easily.

How can He Forget Me So Easily

1: He Never Loved You

It’s impossible to forget about someone you really loved. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’ll always end up thinking about your ex.

If you think he has forgotten you in just some days, then it indicates that he never loved you. He was just playing a fake character. Deep down he doesn’t care about you at all.

I think you should feel happy now, because it’s a good thing that a fake person doesn’t live with your anymore.

2: He Has Found Someone Else

Normally men don’t forget the women they love easily, according to a report, men take a longer time to get over their exes.

However, not every man are same, some men begin to chase a new woman just after their breakup, these types of guys every girl should be aware of.

The percentage of guys like these are less, but it is possible that the guy who left you was one of these.

3: He Just Wanted A Physical Relationship

Did he leave you just after having a physical relationship with you? If yes, it clearly tells that he only cared about your body, when he got what he wanted, he didn’t take even a minute to leave you, and he started finding himself another girl to spoil.

It’s important to test a guy before going into a relationship with him, some women understand it and some don’t. Those who don’t, usually regret after their breakups.

4: You Hurt Him

Maybe he was a good guy, but some of your actions or words hurt him a lot and he decided to leave you and forget everything about you.

In this case, you know it better, recall all your verbal fights, did you say something bad about his loved one or did you say something that he didn’t like?

If yes, you should talk to him and clear all the complications, he would start to like you again if he finds genuinity in your apology.

5: He Cares About His Future More

Men normally have more pressure to become successful compare to women. I know it’s a bit controversial, but it’s certainly true. Society doesn’t respect those men who haven’t achieved heights in their careers.

And that’s why men care about their future a lot. Maybe your love was stopping him from becoming what he wanted. Maybe he wasn’t getting enough time for his work.

However, if he actually left you because of his future goals, it means he still cares about you, and maybe he will come back to you once he achieves what he wanted.

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6: Chemistry

Strong chemistry is the most important thing in a relationship, without it, the relationship will not last long.

Were you both comfortable with each other? Ask yourself. Small fights may look cute, but they are also the signs of something isn’t good.

There are a lot of ways to find out how strong the chemistry between you and your partner is. Read the post by Bustle.

7: He Is Acting

There is a chance that he is just trying to hide his pain. He is a good actor, he is acting like he doesn’t care about you now, but deep down, he still cares and thinks about you all day and all night.

We (guys) usually act strong, so that people can think we are strong. But when we truly love someone, it is really hard to remove all her memories.

Try to talk to him, if that is the case, he will break his character and come back to you.

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How To Comeback From A Breakup

A breakup feels terrible, however, the after effect of breakups are even harder to deal with. People face sleepless nights, stress, negativity, sadness, depression, and a lot of other bad things.

It’s really important to come out of that zone and live life happily. Here are some tips for you that may help.

Before I begin, if you’re feeling way too much sadness, you must contact a psychiatrist. Remember I’m just a blogger who tries to solve problems, but if the problem is bigger, it needs special help, so don’t waste time reading random articles and watching videos, get up and meet a professional.

1: Don’t Stay Alone

Living alone is the worst thing you can do. His memories will overflow your brain and you’ll feel very low.

During this period, you should try to meet as many people as you can, try to hang out with them, and share your feelings.

Sharing what you’re thinking will relieve stress and make you feel good. Talking helps a lot, so talk to someone close to you daily and try not to spend longer time alone.

2: Look For A Partner

If he can find a partner for himself, you can do it too. Stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you know.

You’re now free to find a better partner for yourself. Look for him, I’m sure you’ll find him soon. Crying about him won’t help, wipe your tears, generate some confidence, and enjoy your life, everything will be alright!

3: Stop Listening To Love Or Sad Songs For Some Days

Cut yourself from sad songs or songs that could remind you about him. Listen to rap songs or motivational or dance numbers. Listen to anything that can lift your mood.

4: Give More Time To Your Career Or Studies

When you’ll have a better future, you’ll see a flood of guys waiting for your dates. Money attracts everything, so focus more on your studies, leave your past life behind and work hard to make your future better.

Remember, hard work pays off every single time.

5: Meditate At Least 10 Mins A Day

Meditation can make your mind strong. And, strong minds can handle a bad situation better. Meditation is also proven to boost mood.

Add this habit to your daily routine.

I hope after reading this post you’re feeling a bit better. I wish you all the best!

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