How To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You On Social MediaHow To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You On Social Media

Back in the 90s, when social media wasn’t a thing, people used to make new friends in clubs, parties, and colleges, those days were amazing because we weren’t bound to social media.

Now, things have changed a lot, people are much busier, everyone is running for money and only some of us actually get time to enjoy things we love.

In the 90s, confidence was a must, and it is still important today, but on social media, it doesn’t really matter how confident you are in real life. On social media, people only notice how creative your messages are, they can’t notice your body language and the way you talk.

On one hand, social media is a disaster for youth because it limits real-life conversation, but on the other hand, it is a gift to those who feel very shy and unconfident around new people.

If you are someone who finds talking to girls in real life very hard, then this post can help you! In this post, I’ll share tips that can make any girl feel attracted to you. Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

How To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You On Social Media

Before I start, I wanna let you know a few things, this post is based on my personal experiences, and some research I did online for this post. Also, as a blogger I can only share tips with you, I can’t guarantee any success, thanks!

1: Use A High-Quality Profile Picture

Girls just don’t take those guys seriously who use lower-quality or blurry pictures as their profile pics. If you are not using a clearer picture yet, then the first thing you should do is just change your blurry picture to a newer one.

Make sure your face is noticeable. It can improve your chances of getting replies faster. If possible, use a DSLR because they give higher resolution and clarity than phones.

Back in 2010, a blurry picture could have done the job for you, but now, when everyone has a smartphone, using blurry pictures is just not acceptable. It indicates that you either don’t like your face, or you don’t give social media enough time.

Also, some people just don’t change their profile picture even if they have thousands of pictures of themselves on their phones. Show your crush what’s happening in your life through your profile pictures. She might start taking more interest in you!

2: Don’t Rush Your Messages

I know it feels great when our crush is talking to us on social media, we feel pumped and sometimes we don’t even think about what we are sending, we just do it and regret it afterward.

You should never rush your message because these messages decide whether the girl you have been talking to will still talk to you after that or not.

Take your time, and think at least twice before sending any message. Also, check how your message is sounding, and check what type of emotion it is generating.

If your message is showing negative emotion, it might be bad for you because girls hate talking to those men who always sound negative.

Always send messages that are sounding positive. Also, use humorous messages more, girls just love guys who can make them laugh!

3: Don’t Reply Too Quickly

If she is taking 8 hours to reply to you, then you must take at least 4 hours. Tit for tat!

Replying quickly tells that you don’t have any work to do or you are chasing her very hard. Your crush will think you are just too worthless.

Being available all the time is a negative trait! Be busy, don’t be available for her all the time even if she is the prettiest girl you have ever seen.

It would be difficult for you at first, but after some time you will feel normal. Furthermore, don’t use social media all the time even if you don’t have any work to do.

If you are free then go outside, enjoy your time with your friend, or watch a movie, but just don’t overuse social media!

4: Upload Attention Catching Status

Now almost every popular social media app allows you to upload status, before that, it used to be only Snapchat thing.

Uploading funny statuses or statuses related to her interest may help in building the chemistry between you and her stronger. Status can also increase communication with her, and the more you communicate, the more you can go closer to her heart.

5: Upload More Pictures Of Yourself

Some men just create their social media accounts, upload some pictures of themselves, and then just leave their social handles untouched for ages.

Don’t leave your social media handles lifeless. Use them more, and upload more pictures of yourself, so that your crush can know that you are still alive and living your life happily.

I’m not saying that you have to upload a picture every day. Uploading pictures every week or month is more than enough.

6: Give Genuine Complements

If she is looking awesome in her latest picture, then it’s your duty to let her know how amazing she is looking. Some men just couldn’t find the courage to give compliments to their crushes.

You have to come out of that fear zone, just tell her how beautiful she is, that way she will at least know that you are hitting on her.

However, give a genuine compliment, don’t try to do too much with your compliments. “You are looking gorgeous in your latest pic” is much nicer and more genuine than those fancy compliments spread all over the internet.

Furthermore, when you give a fancy compliment to a girl, most of the time they don’t take it seriously, they feel like you’re lying.

7: Just Tell Her What You Feel About Her

Stop thinking too much about negative things that could happen if she rejects, instead, look at the positive side, what would happen if she accepts your proposal? Wouldn’t it be good? I mean it would be fantastic!

Most of us assume that our crush just wouldn’t accept us, but sometimes the truth can turn out to be much different than what we expected.

Let me tell you something, you can bear the pain that rejection gives, it fades away with time, but the pain of regret stays with us lifelong. I know you’ve already been struggling with a lot of painful regrets, so don’t add up another one.

Stop waiting too much, otherwise, someone else will come and snatch this opportunity from you. Just say her!

8: Use More Emojis

Emojis can make your conversation more interesting. According to experts, emojis help to display facial expressions, tone of voice, and human gestures in digital communication.

In addition to expressing emotions, emoticons are also used to convey meaning in communication. Hence, their use can add contextual or additional emotional meaning to communication. 😉

9: Ask Her For A Video Call

Trust is everything in a relationship, without it, no relationship can work. You have to win her trust in order to get her in your life. Video call is a simple yet amazing way to increase trust.

Ask her for a video call. If she is ready for it, then make sure to calm your mind down and don’t hesitate while talking to her. Confidence is key, remember that!

10: Meet Her In Real Life

I don’t wanna make some of you feel sad, but let me remind you something, it’s not 2010, we are living in 2022, and literally, no woman trust a stranger on social media.

Apps allow people to lock their profiles, and many women are using this feature to keep themselves safe from those creepy strangers.

So how to win her heart on social media? Well, to do this, you have to somehow meet her in real life. In fact, send following or friend requests only to those women who know you in real life.

Having a social media crush is good, but the competition for her would be massive because there are many simps waiting for her.

11: Late-Night Chats Are Key

I have one friend who only chats with girls after 12 AM, according to him, girls usually don’t get too many messages after midnight, so my messages always reach her.

That’s actually a nice trick. If you are going for a popular girl, who has several thousand followers, then wait till midnight, and then send your messages.

When I tried to find out more about this, I found that according to experts, our relaxed state of mind actually has everything to do with this interesting phenomenon.

When we feel relaxed, we engage more in the conversation.

12: Become Rich/Famous

Guys look for beauty and girls look for power. Money and popularity are two things that are necessary to impress women. You might argue that it isn’t true, but deep down we all know how true it is.

You can survive without popularity, but without money, you just can’t. Having loads of money, also indicates that you are a high achiever. Women love those men who know how to achieve success.

If you aren’t rich yet, instead of learning how to attract girls, you should be learning how to attract money. Once you have money, you will have girls too!

13: Remember Her Special Days

Remembering her special days might help you, but it isn’t too powerful. And, it only works if you know your crush personally.

If you are bad at remembering things, then take the help of technology, I have fed my girlfriends special days on my phone, and whenever any special day comes, my phone just starts to ring and remind me about it.

14: Use Voice Texts More

Texting is emotionless unless you are using emojis, however, emojis also doesn’t work perfectly. In fact, there are many people who just send laughing emojis even though they aren’t laughing at all.

Voice text however can make her feel more emotionally connected to you, it’s at least better than plain text. If she has no problems with voice texts, then use them more.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading!

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