Why Don't Girls Compliment MeWhy Don't Girls Compliment Me

When every other guy you know receives compliments from ladies but not you, it hurts quite deeply. When friends and relatives don’t compliment you, it hurts much more.

There may be a variety of explanations for why people don’t give you much praise.

However, before I start this piece, I want to make sure that you understand that I’ll be brutally honest, so please excuse me if any of my statements offend you.

1: You Don’t Hold Much Value

In today’s environment, free dopamine is everywhere; just open your smartphone and you’ll start receiving dopamine doses right away.

Phone addiction is a fairly widespread issue nowadays. However, the phone is not the primary perpetrator in this case; the primary culprit is the internet.

Phones and the internet were designed to make humans more powerful and intelligent than ever before, yet we are currently witnessing the reverse consequence. People are becoming dumber and weaker rather than more powerful and intelligent.

Nowadays, men will have no trouble spending hours viewing videos on how to attract girls, but when the time comes to act, these types of men will hide under their beds and not come out until the moment has passed.

Many studies have shown that women regard higher-value males as far more appealing than low-value men.

Consider why women pursue wealthy men or renowned men. It’s simple because rich men indicate to women that they have their a$$ off to achieve wherever they are right now.

Becoming successful is much easier now; you too can become a very valuable person, but the thing is that you have to stop wasting time.

If you are under the age of 25, this point becomes even more critical. Start taking your life seriously, stop running behind women for some time, and stop looking for compliments. Instead, work on yourself and become a high-value person; girls will automatically start giving you compliments once you have some value.

2: You Appear Needy

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A wise person once said, “The harder you chase something, The farther it gets away from you”.

The fact that you are reading this text indicates that you genuinely desire ladies to compliment your appearance. This indicates that you value other people’s opinions of you more than your own.

Who wouldn’t love to have several ladies sexting on them? I know you desire women. However, a man’s existence has more meaning than only attracting women’s attention.

We are designed for much more valuable things than this. Start following your dreams from this point forward because, trust me, doing so will make you happier and more content.

You’ll eventually find that women are treating you much more seriously.

3: You Need To Enhance Your Fashion Sense

Your fashion is one of the first things a lady notices, believe it or not. If you have a lousy fashion sense, you will not only find it difficult to attract women, but you will also feel less confident, especially when surrounded by people who have a wonderful sense of fashion.

The good news is that you can improve your fashion without spending a lot of money.

There are numerous excellent tutorial videos and articles available.

However, knowing your body type is crucial when you go shopping for clothing for yourself.

If you are unsure about your exact body type, you risk dressing incorrectly.

Accessories are also quite significant. Wearing jewelry like rings, chains, and watches can make you feel more confident and they also look great.

4: Women Do Judge Your Face

Women do judge your face, and women who claim not to care about a man’s looks are deceiving you.

You may have noticed that those with attractive faces attract a lot of attention from females even if they don’t put out any effort.

Even criminals with attractive appearances have a large female fan base. So it’s very evident that women are interested in your facial features.

I know it’s unfortunate that we can’t do much about our looks because how we look is primarily determined by our genetic makeup, but there are some things that can definitely assist.

You can include face exercises to help your face look better-defined and more balanced. The majority of men exercise their bodies frequently, but they rarely, if ever, work out their faces.

You can differentiate yourself from other men if you include face workouts in your daily routine because they not only improve your appearance but also strengthen your face, which may help you withstand the impact of an small accident.

Here are some more ways you can use to improve the appearance of your face.

  • Beard

If at all feasible, grow a beard because it has been noted that women prefer bearded guys slightly more than clean-shaven ones. Men with beards appear more manly and powerful, which appeals to women.

  • Use A Moisturizer

A moisturizer can help keep your skin stay hydrated. Moisturizers moisturize the skin’s surface layers.

  • Don’t Expose Your Skin To Sun For Long Period Of Time

According to experts, your skin may begin to look more dull and may age more quickly if you expose yourself to the sun.

It doesn’t imply, however, that you should always stay indoors or avoid going outside in the afternoon. It suggests that one should avoid being in the sun for an extended period of time. Use good sunscreen if going outside is necessary for you.

  • Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated guys, it’s hella important!

  • Take An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

The amount of cortisol in your body will rise if you don’t get enough sleep, doctors suggest. This hormone causes inflammation, which destroys the proteins that maintain your skin smooth and radiant.

5: You Don’t Appear Approachable

Girls may not approach you if you do not appear approachable. If you are a phone junkie who uses your phone even while you are outside, you must quit doing so and keep your head up.

Make eye contact with females and don’t be afraid since they are human and would not eat you simply because you made eye contact with them.

If possible, try to smile more. Faces that smile appear more friendly than those that do not. Also, maintain your body open and avoid showing close body language.

You’ll undoubtedly notice some improvements as you start appearing approachable!

6: You Don’t Interact With Many Women

If you don’t make any effort to engage with women, how are they going to notice you or flirt with you?

It would be tough for others to befriend you if you are someone who is very reserved or barely interacts with others.

When someone is speaking to you or sharing their stories with you, engage with them more and talk back. Make it clear to them that you are interested in what they have to say.

There will be additional opportunities for compliments from women when you engage with them more.

7: Girls Rarely Compliment

This is something I wanted to mention. Girls rarely compliment guys. Unless you are extraordinarily attractive, you will not receive many compliments from ladies.

So don’t overthink things and just live your life!

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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