Why Do Women Like Holding Hands? (7 Concrete Reasons)

Nobody has any idea what goes on inside women’s heads, thus they are difficult to understand. Even women find it difficult to comprehend other women.

I’ll be discussing a peculiar fascination that most women have in this post, which is holding hands.

Most women believe hands to be quite attractive; some even think hands are more attractive than the chest, abs, hair, etc.

But why are hands so appealing to women? You will find the answer in this article!

1: It Makes Them feel More Connected To Their Partners

Women feel more attached to their partners when they hold hands. Good chemistry is essential in a relationship; but, in today’s world, couples are losing their chemistry. This little activity has the potential to enhance chemistry.

Holding hands may appear to be a simple action, but it is a really powerful gesture that allows couples to feel connected to one another.

I’ve noticed that whenever my girlfriend takes my hand, especially when walking or watching a movie, a smile emerges on her face. It indicates how important it is for her to hold hands.

If your girlfriend also grabs your hands while you go for a walk or watch a movie together, it shows that the chemistry between the two of you is extremely strong!

2: Hands Are Hot

The majority of women find hands super hot, even hotter than jawline, muscles, and hair. It might be weird for guys as guys never focus on how beautiful a woman’s hands are, but women are very different, for them, hands are super attractive, especially, hands that have veins popping out.

A Twitter user posted a photo of his hand. He received huge attention and got 37 thousand of likes, mainly from women. Let me remind you, it’s just a picture of a hand with some scars and bruises.

You can notice thousands of comments in which women are simping over his hand.

Even an amazing booty picture doesn’t;t get that many likes on Social Media. It’s just mind-blowing!

3: It’s A Masculine Trait

Powerful hands represent strength and masculinity. Strong hands are not only useful for self-defense, but they also help to attract females.

Women find small, thin, and hairy hands unappealing. The worst are skinny hands with no veins or too many veins.

Remember, women are really complex beings; we don’t know precisely what they want, but it has been observed that women prefer manly hands with some veins, but they dislike very masculine hands with a lot of veins.

 Women simply want everything in moderation, neither too much nor too little!

4: Strong Hands Make Women Feel More Protected

When women hold their partner’s hands, they feel more secure. In a world where feminism is quickly growing, many women still feel more protected when they hold their partner’s hand, especially when they are not feeling safe or going through a difficult moment.

So, I’m not against feminism; good feminism is a good thing; nevertheless, some ignorant women are taking advantage of feminism, and I strongly oppose it!

5: Hands Are Among The First Thing Women Notice

After the face, hair, and dressing sense, women notice your hands. I know you may have not heard about this anywhere, but believe me, hands matter a lot to women. From nails to fingers to biceps, women notice everything!

Women, as previously stated, dislike overly strong hands; a little bit of muscle with some veins showing is enough to entice them.

However, some guys believe the opposite, they think that women love those insane triceps and curvy biceps, but it’s not completely true. Yes, some women are into it, but most women hate hardcore muscly hands.

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6: Releases Stress

According to a study by clinical psychologist Dr. James Coan, holding the hand of a loved one reduces stress and fosters feelings of security and contentment.

Our body releases feel-good chemicals in our minds when we cuddle, hug, or hold hands. These chemicals work as mood boosters and eliminate stress hormones.

So, whenever you feel your partner is having a bad time, go closer to her, and hold her hands and talk to her, she will surely feel amazing!

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7: Good For Heart

Sharing a hug and holding hands can reduce the physical impacts of stress, such as a soaring heart rate and raised blood pressure, according to a study published in The Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Holding hands thereby improves both chemistry and health.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!