Signs A Leo Man Is Hiding His Feelings For YouSigns A Leo Man Is Hiding His Feelings For You

It feels amazing when we find out that someone likes us a lot, but that amazing feeling turns into frustration when the person who finds us attractive doesn’t make any move or approach us.

Our minds start to raise questions like why is he doing that, does he have a girlfriend, does he actually like me or it’s just me who is thinking that? Well, you don’t need to stress a lot as I’m here to present 7 strong signs that will help you find out if he has feelings for you or not.

Leos are generally very open people. When they love someone, they don’t waste time, they confess their love as soon as possible because they believe that there is no tomorrow.

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, and it brings confidence, strength, and leadership quality. However, if their ruling planet’s position (Sun’s position) is not good in their birth chart, they might get opposite effects, like low confidence, shyness, self-doubts, etc.

If you think a Leo man likes you but is scared to make a move, it might mean that Sun is weak in his birth chart.

Let’s find out the signs he will give if he likes you a lot but hides his feelings.

1: He Makes Strong Eye Contact

Eye contact can reveal a lot about a person, especially those eye contacts in which there is an emotional connection.

Notice how long he holds eye contact with you, if he is looking at you and holding eye contact for more than or equal to 3 seconds, it strongly indicates that there is something unusual.

It might mean that he has feelings for you but because he has a shy personality, he doesn’t wanna communicate with you.

You can help him, say hi to him, and he will feel comfortable and might start talking to you.

2: He Stands For You

In this world where everyone is greedy and wants something in return, it is hard to find a person who supports us in every situation and doesn’t expect anything in return except love.

There is one really good quality about Leos, they are faithful and take a stand for their partners. He will always be there for you whenever you need him.

Whether you are in a fight, argument, or anything, he will support you! Recall the moment when you needed help. Did you notice how many times he helped you without asking for anything in return?

Don’t let a guy like him go away from you as guys like these are really gems!

3: He Gives Genuine Compliments

His compliments will sound genuine and you will be able to notice emotions in his compliments. He may not give too many compliments but whenever he does, it will be genuine.

Also, the compliments won’t be too exaggerated, they will be nice and simple, yet effective!

4: He Gets Jealous

You would see a sign of jealousy on his face whenever you go and talk to a good-looking guy or his competitor. Leos are expressive and they express their emotions through their faces.

See how he reacts when you are with someone else. According to (A Trusted Source), if a guy is in love and feeling jealous, he will show these signs:

Cross arms and legs

Glare at you or turn away

They narrow their eyes

They puff their chest

They fidget

5: A Genuine Smile Comes On His Face When You Come Close

A big nice smile will emerge on his face when you say hi or just come close to him. This is because our mind releases happiness hormones inside our body when the person we love is close to us.

These happiness hormones can lift a mood in seconds. See whether he smiles or not, and also see if he is faking his smile or smiling genuinely.

Btw, spotting a fake smile is challenging, but this video below might help.

6: Sets His Hair When You Are Around

Does he adjust his hair when you are around him? If yes, this could be another really solid sign that he has an ocean of feelings for you but is hiding it.

Guys adjust their hair, cloth, and body posture when they see their crush coming toward them. It is because they wanna look their best to impress their crush.

Notice how often he adjusts his look. If it is more than usual, it means something is there but he is hiding it from you.

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7: You Have Caught Him Looking At You Multiple Times

It’s hard to not look at our crush when they are around us. It’s like putting ice cream inside our mouths and trying not to eat it.

If you have caught him looking at you many times, it is one of the strongest signs that he is into you. Ask yourself, why would anyone look at you without any reason?

When we find someone really attractive, our mind forces us to look at them time and time again.

Thanks for reading!

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