9 Super Strong Signs A Shy Leo Man Likes You

Leo men usually have great charisma and confidence because their ruling planet is Sun, but sadly, not all Leos are the same. Due to the weak Sun in some Leos Kundli or birth charts, they see the opposite effects, like shyness, less confidence, and sometimes even depression.

Shy Leos can be really hard to decode as they never reveal anything through words, but they do give subtle signs. In this post, I’ll be sharing details about those subtle signs a shy Leo man will give if he likes you.

So stick to this post because you are going to learn a lot of new things.

1: Happiness

If he is genuinely into you, he won’t be able to control his happiness. You’ll be able to notice a constant smile on his face.

It’s very natural and not only happens with Leos but with every zodiac sign. Shy people struggle to hold their emotions.

They just can’t keep their face straight while having a conversation. If they are feeling happy, you’ll be able to tell it, and if they are feeling sad, their face will look sad as well.

The best part is that you’ll also not be able to control your feelings while looking at his smile as a smile is very contagious. Leo men literally have the greatest smiles. One of the cutest if not the cutest. 

2: You’ll Be Able To Feel It

You might not believe it but our bodies are actually quite good at finding out who loves us and who doesn’t. You literally don’t need to read any post or watch any videos to find out, to be honest, you don’t even need my posts.

Your body is amazing. Just notice three things or ask three things yourself and you’ll get your answer. Do you feel anything when he comes and talks to you? Do you also love him? and most importantly, Do you feel happy when he is with you?

If your answer is yes to all of the questions I asked. It means, he likes you a lot and you like him too.

However, notice some more signs before falling in love with him. See if he flirts with any other girls or not, notice how often he looks at you, and notice the way he looks at you.

Once you are confirmed that he is truly into you. Go and approach him. All the best!

3: He Blushes A Lot When You Talk To Him

This one is pretty obvious. He will blush, especially, when you give him compliments or appreciate him about something.

Not just Leos but every one of us blush when we receive compliments from the person we love so much.

If he blushes excessively when you talk to him, tease him, or give him compliments, it strongly indicates that he has some really strong feelings for you.

4: He Makes Strong Eye Contact With You

His eye contact will be unusual. Shy people usually don’t maintain longer eye contact with people because they don’t feel confident enough to do that, but when they are in love with someone, they try their best to express their feelings through their eyes.

You’ll catch him looking at you multiple times. It might be a little too much for some of you, but try to understand, he has a lot of feelings for you and he just can’t keep his eyes away from you. Maybe you are just too gorgeous for him!

5: His Best Friend Knows About You

His best friends will start to tease him when you are near. It’s a massive indicator!

Shy guys share everything with their best friends because they believe that only their best friend can keep their secrets safe, and they also only feel comfortable in front of their best friend.

So if you notice that his and his friend’s reactions change when you are around, boy, something is surely there in his heart!

6: He Talks More With You On Social Media Than Real Life

Shy guys take the social media approach as social media doesn’t require confidence, good body language, and communication skills. It only requires courage to type and send a text.

If you notice that he only talks to you on social media and never or hardly talks to you in real life, it might mean that he likes you secretly.

I believe, talking in real life is much better than talking to someone on social media. We can share our feelings in real life with much more feelings.

7: He Never Denies You

It’s a good thing tbh as it indicates that he is a nice guy, but sadly, it also indicates that he is a beta male.

A beta male never denies someone because beta males are usually very emotional and can’t see someone sad.

While Alpha males are very different, they are emotionless humans, and if they don’t want to help you, they won’t help no matter how much you request them.

Alpha males put themselves above anybody else. Most Leos are alpha males, but some who have weaker Sun in their birth chart are beta males.

If he never says no to you, I think you should give him a chance to be your partner because, in this world where everyone is running behind money, success, and fame, it’s very difficult to find a person who cares about others more than themselves.

I know nice guys are not very attractive, but nice guys are surely faithful and respectful. And every woman deserves a partner who loves them unconditionally!

8: He Feels Jealous

Whenever you are with someone else, someone who is more attractive than him, a sign of jealousy will be visible on his face. I mean, there are many guys who feel insecure, who believe that they are not strong enough to keep their partner to themselves.

Notice his face when you talk to another guy, does he look different? Does his expression change whenever someone approaches you? If yes, it means he doesn’t like seeing you with different men. It also strongly indicates that he is into you!

9: He Behavos Awakardly When You Talk To Him

Shy people usually have terrible body language and communication skills. They get really awkward sometimes, especially, when the situation demands confidence.

Awakardness can go away once they start to feel comfortable, but it may take a lot of interaction.

Does he behave strangely? If yes, well, it’s another very solid sign that he is into you.

If you like him, you can make him feel comfortable with you by increasing interaction with him, and once he doesn’t feel any awkwardness or shyness with you, he may confess his love for you.

All the best!

Thanks for reading!