What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends?What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends?

Lucky are those who have female friends, well I’m one of those few lucky individuals and I believe I can perfectly describe what guys think of their female friends.

Believe me, most of the points will be positive ones.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

1: Thanks For Relieving Our Stress

Men have a lot of difficult situations in their lives, thus they need a companion who can support them in overcoming the bad thoughts that plague them every day.

Both male and female friends can improve our mood and lower our stress levels, but sometimes male friends have their own issues and don’t show enough compassion for us because they expect us to be men and take care of our own affairs. 

While they are correct in believing that everyone should take care of their own affairs rather than depending on others, there are times when we simply feel too low and need a friend who can relate to us in order to help us get through that challenging stage.

When female friends realize how horrible their male pals are feeling, they start acting like their mothers and strive to help them significantly. However, this is my own experience; yours may differ.

We just want to appreciate our female friends for their assistance during those trying moments.

2: A Female Friend Can Help Us Find Out What’s Going On Inside Our Crush’s Mind

Although having a female best friend can be advantageous, understanding women is not always straightforward. If it were, I suppose no one would be single.

Women can relate to one another. So, if you have a crush and want to find out what she thinks of you, ask your female closest friend for advice.

She can give you wonderful pointers on how to woo your crush, as well as what women like and don’t like, which can help you win the hearts of the ladies.

3: Why She Talks So Much

According to a study, women talk more than men. Even though we enjoy it when our female bestie shares her past experiences and stories, but it can definitely sometimes feel annoying, especially, when we want to spend some of our time in peace.

If you are a talkative person, there’s no need to alter who you are for another individual. Just be yourself; people who truly love you won’t run away because you talk a lot; in fact, they’d love to hear about your adventures.

But it’s always a good idea to find out what a friend wants from us; perhaps he doesn’t want to hear about your adventures, but since you’re a close buddy, he never expresses this. Try to learn.

4: She’s So Cute

Sometimes we get this thought that our female buddy is so damn cute, but we get this thought in a friendly way.

I know some of you are in a friend zone and wish to break through, but guys, too, do not regard their female bestie as a potential partner.

They regard them as lifelong friends.

Some guys, on the other hand, perceive their female besties with evil intentions; in fact, they become friends because they one day want to share a bed with their female bestie, which is rather sad, to be honest.

However, every type of individual exists in this globe of 8 billion people.

But, most men feel that they will never date their female best friend.

5: Am I Being Too Friendly With Her

Even if a man and a woman are very good friends, there is still a line that divides them, a limit that must not be crossed.

The dread of breaking limits is always present in our minds; it reminds us that a woman is a woman and that we should not express ourselves too much to them or get too close or playfully touch them as we do our male friends on occasion.

I try to act delicately around my female friends, but I don’t act delicately around my male friends.

6: I’ll Help Her

Most men are always ready to help their female buddies, in return, they just want their friendship. I can literally do anything to help my friend because she will also do the same.

However, if the problem isn’t significant enough, I do decline to assist her.

For instance, if she wants my assistance in passing the exam, I can assist her in making notes, sending pertinent information, and finding out potential exam questions; however, if she wants me to complete her homework, finish her unfinished assignment, or assist her in cheating, I won’t do that.

It is my duty as a friend to ensure that my friend is on the right path and is capable of handling herself.

7: I’ll Protect Her

I’ll be there to protect her if she’s in trouble, no matter how severe the scenario is!

Most men will go to any length to defend their female friends. If your male friend does not do this, he is probably not a close friend.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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