Where Do Guys Like To Be Touched? (7 Sensual Places)

According to a report, women like to be touched on their neck, forearms, inner thighs, nip*les, and v@ginal margin.

Numerous studies have talked about sensitive body parts in a woman, but there is a mystery about where guys like to get touched.

I guess some of you may be thinking that guys like to get touches from women everywhere on their bodies, but that’s a half story; there are some body parts that are more sensual than others.

If you are reading this post, I guess you are confused about where to touch a man while making out or when you are with him on a date.

Men have many places in their bodies that can instantly turn them on, but there are a few spots that can give you faster results

Well, this article might help as I’m going to mention 7 male body parts that you can touch to make him feel amazing.

Make sure to read everything to get complete info!

Where Do Guys Like To Be Touched?

I think you know the answer, Yes it’s what you are thinking. If you still don’t know, then let me break the suspense for you. The answer is Penis.

Guys love touches to their private parts, and I guess most of us know that. It is because guys are sexually more active than women, but the question is, what are some other places guys love to be touched?

No place can match the level of pleasure a guy receives when a woman touches his willy, but there are still some places that can do the job for you and make him feel more connected to you.

Let’s find out!

1: Neck

The neck is an extremely sensitive body part, it becomes even more sensitive when we are in a mood. If you wanna turn your boyfriend’s mood up, kiss his neck or simply play with it with your hands.

A good neck kiss can release hormones such as Serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These chemicals are also known as happiness hormones, they get released inside the brain when a person feels happiness.

These hormones are proven to boost mood and release stress.

When he comes home after a weary office day, give him a nice neck kiss. He will surely feel better!

2: Ears

While playing with his neck, if possible, kiss his ears too. Ears like the neck are sensitive too, in fact, kissing them can make your partner giggle. Ears are truly a happiness source!

You can bite them slowly as well to increase the pleasure, or use your hands to play with them.

3: Hair

Guys secretly like it when a woman plays with their hair. They try not to show it, but they enjoy it a lot. Play with your boyfriend’s hair when he is sleeping on your lap.

Also, make sure to lay your hands on his hair gently. Guys love their hair and messing them up would result in him being mad at you, and I guess you don’t want that.

4: Chest

Chest is another place guys love to get touched on. It is a sensitive place too which means if you touch him there correctly, he would get turned on by you.

Pro Tip: compliment his chest. Guys love it when someone compliments their muscular area. However, if your boyfriend is out of shape, then leave it as he might find it offensive.

5: Thighs

Thighs are very close to the most sensitive body part (Your reproduction area). Touching them opens up intensely pleasurable sources. Some pleasurable nerves are present there, and these nerves are quite sensitive.

If you wanna go to bed with him, touching him there gently will make your job easy.

6: Cheeks

Cheek kisses may look simple, but they can generate love emotions inside a man’s mind.

I remember when I was in my second year of college and a girl offered me to watch a movie with her. While watching the movie, she said she likes me a lot, I felt excitement and shock at the same time after hearing that.

When I was talking to her about it, like why she likes me, and when it all started, she suddenly came close to me and kissed my cheeks, my heart started to beat faster, but at the same time, I felt amazing.

On that day I realized that cheek kisses are not normal. They have the power to make you feel wonderful!

7: Butt

Well, for some of you this might be an unexpected candidate. You would be amazed to know that some guys like it when girls grab their butt hard. It gives a sexy feeling.

But the problem is only a few guys like it. So make sure to find out whether your boyfriend likes it or not before going and grabbing his bum.

I hope you liked this post!

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