why do girls like tall guys

Many surveys and studies have proved that girls prefer tall guys, but no one ever disclosed why. I mean, why do girls find tall guys so attractive. Well, in this post, I’ll discuss 14 reasons why do women choose tall guys over short guys.

However, before I begin, I wanna let you know, that not every girl finds tall guys attractive, we’ll discuss it more later in this post. So read the complete post to get the complete information.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: Tall Guys Make Them Feel More Feminine

That’s the reason why so many women prefer tall guys. It makes them feel more girly. When a tall guy stands up or puts his arm on the shoulder, that feminine feeling kicks up.

Normally women don’t agree about it, but they do feel more feminine around tall guys. However, short guys can also make women feel feminine if they have good communication skills and awesome personalities.

Also, not every tall guy can make them feel like this. The guy needs to have some “Men” like qualities.

2: They Can Wear Their Favorite Heels

Girls don’t like to embarrass short guys by wearing high heels. But when they are with tall guys, they can wear their favorite high heels without any hesitation.

Women love high heels, it makes them feel more confident and stylish. However, if their boyfriend is shorter than them or equal to their height, then they won’t wear it because most girls care about their partner’s feelings, so they would sacrifice.

Tall guys, on the other hand, will encourage their partners to wear high heels so that they can look great together.

3: They Can Listen To Their HeartBeat

When the same height couple hugs each other, they won’t feel the heartbeat, but when one partner is taller, you can hear a clear heartbeat sound. It feels amazing.

Listening to the heartbeat can increase the bonding between you and your partner. Again, women feel more feminine when they listen to their partner’s heartbeat.

4: Women Find Tall Guys Hot

Admit it or not, this is a universal truth, women do find tall guys hot, however, the guy should not be too tall. 3 or 5 inches taller is enough. If the guy is one foot or two feet tall, it looks weird.

In fact, women do not like to date guys who are way taller than them. When a UK dating site (Badoo) did a study, they found surprising results, men with 5 feet 8 inches in height, got the most number of right swipes. Here is the list:

Most right-swiped measurements for men

  1. 5ft 8in
  2. 5ft 10in
  3. 5ft 6in
  4. 6ft
  5. 5ft 9in

Btw, the average height of women in the UK is around 5 feet 3 inches, so there is no surprise why 5ft 8in got the most numbers of right swipes.

In the US, the average height of women is 5ft 4in, so if you’re 5feet 9 or more, you are in the golden zone. You should not worry about your height.

5: Internet/TV/Magazines

Whether it’s the Internet, T.V., or Magazines. they all try to convey to us that women should have a taller partner.

They always show women with taller men because they think it looks more appealing. You would hardly notice any magazine cover page or movie in which the male character is smaller than the female character. subconsciously, it tells all the women that they must choose a man taller than them.

6: They Feel Safer With Taller Men

Taller man looks more manly compared to shorter men. According to the study, published online recently in the Journal of Family Issues. Found something quite amazing.

They found women feel more protected and feminine with taller men. “As a girl, I like to feel delicate and secure at the same time,” said one female in the study. “Something just feels strange in thinking about looking down into my man’s eyes.

7: Tall Guys Appear More Confident

Women are not wrong here, you may not know but height is related to confidence. In fact, according to a study, tall guys have greater self-esteem and social confidence compared to shorter guys. In turn, others may view tall people as leader-like and authoritative.

“The process of directly ‘looking down on others’ may cause one to be more confident,”

8: It’s Natural

Sadly, women are built like this. They naturally prefer taller men. This is how they are, and it’s impossible to change their mindset. They are born with it.

9: Tall Guys Appear More Powerful

Tall guys normally have more broad shoulders compared to short guys. They also have a heavy voice, and because of these qualities, tall guys appear more powerful.

However, if a short guy is muscular, he would also appear stronger.

10: Tall Guys Can Reach Top Shelves

This one is a little weird but it is true. Tall guys have a bigger reach. They can help those mediocre height women reach the top shelves.

11: Tall Guys Are Noticeable In The Crowd

This is not the greatest of reasons why women like tall guys, however, it is another benefit of having a taller boyfriend. Girls can spot them in the crowd without any problem.

Whether it is a house party? Rave? Or maybe a concert? It doesn’t matter as she will not get lost in these events if her boyfriend is taller than the majority.

12: They Will Have Taller Kids

As you know, height mostly depends on genetics. Believe it or not, women do subconsciously think that marrying a taller man will lead to taller kids.

In the medieval age, women only used to select men who have the potential to produce healthier kids, we haven’t much changed yet. Subconsciously, women still prefer guys who have better physical appearance over skinnier and chubby guys, so that they can have better kids.

13: Tall Men Are More Educated

According to a study, men taller than 194cm or 6.3 feet were two to three times more likely to get higher education as compared with men shorter than 165 cm. Another study indicated the same.

14: Tall Guys Make More Money

A study done in 2004 found that physical height is significantly related to measures of social esteem, leader emergence, and performance. Height was somewhat more strongly related to success for men (rho =.29) than for women, although this difference was not significant. 

Do Women Only Like Tall Guys?

The answer is not that simple. Yes, women do like guys who are taller than them, but the guy should not be too tall. As I said, 3 or 5 inches tall is enough. In fact, super tall is unattractive. However, if the guy is short but has a great personality, he will still get a lot of dates.

Women focus more on other things, such as personality, confidence, money, and styling sense. So don’t think that only tall guys get women, short guys get them too.

Should You Care About Your Height?

No, you shouldn’t, you’re awesome, you don’t need to add a few inches to look great. There are so many people who are under 6 feet and achieved unachievable things in life.

When you stress too much about your height, you begin to feel terrible. Instead, focus on good things, focus on building your future. Work hard. When you’ll have money, you’ll have everything!

Stop crying about your height now!

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