Why Do Women Twerk? (5 Weird Reasons)

Twerking is a type of dance that began in the 1980s. Since its inception, it has gained a lot of popularity, and now many women earn a living by twerking on the internet. Twerking is also quite popular in clubs and parties.

Twerking not only attract men, but it also brings happiness to women. Doing it every day can bring many health benefits. We will read about everything in this post.

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Do Women Like Twerking?

Yes, most women enjoy this dance form. Twerking can release happiness hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins inside a woman’s body, These chemicals can release stress and bring happiness.

Women love to express their feelings through their bodies. If a woman is twerking, it is highly likely that she is feeling happy and enjoying the moment.

Why Do Girls Twerk?

The obvious reason is twerking makes women happy. This is why women twerk, but there could be more reasons, let’s look at them one by one to understand better.

Men Love It

Men love round jiggly butts bouncing up and down. It can turn them on in no time. This dance form instantly highlights your butt. It is a great way to catch men’s attention. I mean, every man would love to see a big-butt woman twerk.

Some women know that twerking can turn on men, and that’s why they twerk whenever they get the opportunity. Some women are masters at twerking and some are in the learning phase, but one thing is common between both of them and that is the love they share for twerking.

It’s Fun

Twerking is fun, it brings happiness, and as I said twerking can stimulate happiness hormones inside a woman’s body, and that can make her feel euphoric.

So twerking is and forever will be a pleasurable activity, but doing it wrongly could do more harm than good. According to experts, twerking can cause low back pain. Only do it in moderation. Avoid ding extensively if you are a beginner or have an injury in the back.

Easy Way To Gain Audience

Twerking can help women gain fame. It’s a great technique to get new followers, in fact; many social media influencers are aware of this, and they use this dance form to go viral.

The population of simps is increasing rapidly, in fact, half of the social media is filled with simps. So if a woman decides to showcase her butt while twerking, she would surely get attention.

You may have noticed that women who show their bodies on social media platforms, gain popularity much faster than those who don’t.

Twerking Is Good For Health

Twerking correctly can make your butt area, thighs, and back stronger. It can make you flexible too.

According to health professionals, twerking makes your body move, and any kind of movement is good for your health. When you twerk, your legs and butt get into action. Twerking can also increase metabolism as the heart beats harder while twerking.

It is a great way to burn some calories too, twerking for an hour can burn around 400 calories, which is crazy!

It Can Increase Chemistry With Your Partner

Weak bonding can damage a relationship. Giving some spiciness to your relationship from time to time is important as spiciness can give your relationship the same enjoyment it had before.

Twerking can give your relationship a much-needed boost. Women who twerk for their partner have a better bonding with their partners than those who don’t add any special activities to their relationship.

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