Why Does She Never Initiate a Conversation with MeWhy Does She Never Initiate a Conversation with Me

When a girl we like never tries to strike up a conversation with us, it hurts. When she converses with everyone else but us, it feels even worse.

The majority of you may believe that she avoids you because you are unattractive, but let me tell you something: the truth may be very different from what you believe.

I’m going to list nine reasons in this piece as to why she might be avoiding talking to you. Let’s start!

1: She’s Shy

The majority of women are naturally shy, and they prefer not to initiate a conversation with men, especially if the man is a stranger.

So, if it’s your first day of college or work, don’t expect her to start talking to you right away; she may never do so if you don’t initiate the conversation.

If she is shy but interested in you, you will notice that she looks at you frequently, but when you look at her, she immediately pulls her gaze from you. Basically, Shy girls do make eye contact, but when it comes to talking, they never do.

2: You Appear Unapproachable

Sadly, some guys even if they are very friendly, their face appears like they are unfriendly or aggressive.

Maybe you have the same problem, you probably are friendly but you look like you don’t want any friends or you prefer to stay alone.

People who appear unapproachable, girls don’t usually start conversation with them first, in fact, guys too avoid talking to them.

If you think this is the case, you might need to make a few adjustments to make yourself seem approachable.

The best course of action is to grin occasionally. Avoid using your phone in public and keep your head high. Engage folks in conversation and share a joke with them. Check out some additional advice if you want to come across as personable.

3: You Have A Poor Body Language

Body language can convey a lot about who you are. Having good body language is essential for attracting people because, like it or not, people judge you based on your body language.

Poor body language can prevent people from initiating a conversation with you, while good body language can actually attract them to talk to you.

Keep your arms uncrossed, your head up, and look people in the eyes. If possible, grin, because people who smile appear much friendlier than those who do not.

4: You Lack A Special Quality

Why would a girl approach you if you don’t have any distinguishing characteristics? Only those who shine brighter than others get noticed.

Yes, looks do matter; if you have good looks, some girls will come to you and may initiate conversation, but if you have a special talent, for example, if you can sing well, you can literally attract more girls than a guy who has nothing but good looks.

So, if you consider that looks are not your strong suit, you must seek out the hidden talent that will set you apart from the crowd.

Also, don’t be hesitant to show off your talent to others. They may criticize you at first, but as you progress, they will acclaim you as well.

5: Your Fashion Sense Is Boring Or Bad

Perhaps your terrible fashion sense is preventing her from interacting with you. Girls are really interested in what you are wearing. A bad sense of fashion will not only keep girls away from you, but it may also harm your confidence.

It has been noticed that individuals who dress better feel better about themselves.

Furthermore, improving your fashion does not require you to spend a lot of money. You may look good in cheap clothes if you choose the proper color, size, and style.

There are countless videos on the internet that show how to look appealing with inexpensive clothing. You must do your research!

6: She’s Busy

Sometimes we start to judge people way too quickly. Maybe she’s not ignoring you, but she’s just busy nowadays.

When we are busy with work, we start to value our time more; we start to spend less time with people and more time with our work.

Maybe she wants to talk to you, but because of her pending work, she just can’t do so. Wait for some time, as if this is true, she will eventually talk to you once her work is done.

7: She Doesn’t Wanna Appear Needy

She might be waiting for you to start the conversation because she thinks that if she does, she will come across as needy.

If such is the case, you will see that she does look at you, sits near you, and even smile at you, but she remains silent.

In this world, sadly, girls get judged really quickly. In fact, girls judge other girls’ character.

So, I just wanna say, don’t wait for her to strike up a conversation; if you like her, go and talk to her; she isn’t an alien, buddy. Gather some courage and just say hi; everything will be alright!

8: She Doesn’t Find You Attractive

Sadly, the chances of this are quite high. There is a famous quote: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This means that if she doesn’t find you attractive, it doesn’t mean that you are unattractive; it means that only she doesn’t find you attractive.

You don’t need to stress about it, as, in this world, not everyone will find us attractive. So, try to find another girl—a girl who loves your soul more than your outer beauty.

9: She Thinks She’s Out Of Your League

Maybe she thinks you’re too attractive for her. Maybe she believes that you are not single or want a much more beautiful girlfriend than her.

Girls, like guys, sometimes reject themselves before even trying because they lack confidence.

If this is the case, you will notice that when you talk to her, she feels really uneasy or nervous.

This is because when we communicate with someone who is extremely attractive, our minds go blank, our hearts begin to race, and we begin to fumble.

So, if she isn’t talking to you, talk to her and observe how she reacts; if she reacts awkwardly, it’s a good indication that she thinks you are attractive.

I hope you liked this post.

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