Why Don’t Guys Approach Me In CollegeWhy Don’t Guys Approach Me In College

A college is a place where we not only get an education but also get memories that last forever. College teaches us many things and the most important it teaches is how to deal with people, and how to handle tough situations.

Some rich dudes go to college just to enjoy and experience college life. It’s a popular dating spot too.

However, if no guy approaches you in college, you don’t really need to worry about it because you are not the only one, it happens with a lot of girls.

In this post, we will look at 7 probable reasons why no guy is approaching you.

Make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info.

Why Don’t Guys Approach Me In College

Most men in 2022 are suffering from a lack of confidence, which is surprising as we associate confidence with men. The main reason why guys don’t approach you in college is that they don’t feel confident. Yes, a lack of confidence in men is the reason why they don’t approach you first.

In the 1800s, men used to have confidence like tigers, but now in the social media and x-rated video age, men are losing their “Manly Confidence” they are fearing rejection a lot.

However, not every man is like that, some do have high confidence, but guys like these are hard to find.

Now let’s look at 7 more reasons why no guy approaches you in college. The things that I’m about to mention are based on my experience and the research I did online for this post, thanks!

1: You Don’t Try

Men are men, they try to find reasons to talk to a woman, but if a woman isn’t appearing friendly, well, guys will avoid her.

Guys like their self-respect more, they don’t wanna get humiliated, so they avoid girls who have high attitudes.

Maybe you are very friendly, but your action and body posture doesn’t show that. However, you can fix this easily, just try to talk more and make new friends.

And, don’t use your phone in public places such as the college canteen, class, and library. Keep your head high, and don’t maintain a sad face, show that you are excited through your face.

Someone will surely approach you, it may take time but it will happen!

2: You Are Very Average

I’m not talking about looks, I’m talking about your overall personality. Do you score high marks? Do you take participate in college events? Or do you try unique fashion or hairstyle?

If not then how is someone gonna notice you? If you study in a class with a majority of female students, then you need to be good at something to shine.

Discover your talent, and show it to everyone. Most guys like girls who are famous or have unique talents.

3: Your Fashion Sense Is Bad

Fashion sense is something that everyone wants to improve but only some end up improving it, most end up making it worse.

Guys usually don’t give attention to your clothes if you have a pretty face.

However, some guys do want their partner to look high class, and by high class, I’m meaning good fashion sense.

You don’t need to buy expensive clothes to look fashionable. You can still look stylish if you know how to choose the perfect clothes according to your body type.

There are many video tutorials available on Youtube about how to choose the perfect cloth for yourself. You can check those videos when you have free time.

4: You Don’t Make Eye Contact

Eyes can share emotions, they talk without actually talking. So if you like a guy, make deep eye contact with him, and let him know that you want him.

If he is smart and interested in you, he will definitely come to you and talk, he might also give hints too that he is interested in you.

But, if he shows negative signs, like ignoring your eye contact instantly or not making eye contact ever again, then it might mean that he is committed to someone or just doesn’t find you attractive.

If he does show negative signs, then don’t worry, there are many guys who are waiting for you!

5: You Look Serious

Ask your friends what they think about this. Well, as I said, guys are becoming less confident, they struggle to approach friendly-looking girls, then how are they gonna approach a woman who looks mad serious?

Laugh whenever you can, smile whenever you can, and make more eye contact with guys. Not with everyone, but with those who you find attractive.

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6: Smile More

Smiling is something we all need to add more to our daily routine. It not only lifts the mood but also makes us appear friendly and nice.

A smile is very powerful. Use this weapon to be different because most girls believe in temporary happiness more, they only smile when their boyfriend gifts them something or when they achieve something big in their life.

Well, you don’t need to complete any major task to be happy. A smile is free and you can smile whenever you want, it instantly makes you attractive, believe me!

7: Stop Waiting!

Why can’t you make the first move?

Waiting too much for a guy is a terrible idea? Just think about what will happen if he finds a new girl for himself.

Will you be happy after that? Probably not, so why wait, just say a Hi, the rest will follow!

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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