How to know if she is serious about you

Finding out whether she is serious about you or not is quite difficult. Women are pretty good at hiding their true feelings for someone, however, they do give those subtle signs, and we have to decode them to understand what they truly feel.

If you miss those signs, you’ll miss out on a lot of things. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the clearest signs that she is serious about you.

So now let’s begin the post and see what are those unmistakable signs.

1: She Makes Intense Eye Contact With You

Intense eye contact that indicates attraction is knowns as gazing. When a girl gazes at you, they keep longer than usual eye contact. This normally means several seconds of them looking at you. She wants you to notice that she is looking! You’ve probably seen by now how powerful eye contact can be.

When a girl is truly serious about you, she can’t get her eyes away from you. Does she gaze at you when you talk to her? If yes, then she might not be just a normal friend. She is looking for an extra connection between you and her.

Also, intense eye contact builds the chemistry even stronger. If you’re also serious about her, don’t move your eyes away from her, especially, when she is maintaining eye contact.

2: She Will Look Submissive

Does she give a submissive look when you talk to her? Well, that’s an insanely positive sign that she wants you in her life.

Her voice will change (It will become smooth) and her body behavior will change. Her body will show some unusual signs. Girls don’t show their submissive signs when they aren’t into you. It is a big positive sign.

It could also mean that she wanna kiss you.

3: She Talks To You A Lot

Maybe she is talkative, but if she stays silent around everyone else, but is talkative with you, then this may mean, she looks at you as her potential partner.

You have to notice her behavioral change when she is with you and when is with someone else. If she feels more comfortable around you, then it’s a clear sign that she is serious about you. She doesn’t find you boring, and maybe she would love to spend her entire life with you.

4: She Will Never Reply Late

She won’t be able to stop herself from replying to your messages. She won’t take even a minute to reply, plus her messages will be longer with lots of emotions.

In fact, she will ignore everyone else, just to reply to you. That’s how crazy women get when they are serious about someone.

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5: She Defends You

She won’t start a fistfight, but she will definitely stand for you, no matter what. She won’t even realize that she’s actually doing this! Watch for the girl who defends you because it is a clear sign that she’s ready to have a relationship with you.

6: She Gives You A Lot of Compliments And Makes You Laugh

She probably gives you lots of praise to see you smile. She may reduce the tension by joking around, too. Also, you may have seen her giggle at jokes that aren’t even all that humorous. She’s trying to offer support for your goofy side. What a girl!

Also, a girl who is crushing hard does little things to make a guy pleased. She may make cookies to show support for the soccer team, but have you seen her only handing them to you and baking your favorite type even though they are planned for “the whole team?”

7: She Cares About Your Future

She sees your career as her career. She will give you suggestions on what to do and what not to do in order to have a better future. Btw, You can take some of her advice just to make her feel happy.

8: She Hugs You Tightly

A tight hug feels great. You would find those hugs unusual like she never wanna let you go from her grip. And if she gives a lot of hugs to you nowadays, then understand, you’re not an ordinary person to her. You’ve won her heart and she is damn serious about you.

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9: She Shares Her Emotional Side With You

She would not feel awkward crying like a child in front of you. She will share about every bad thing that happened to her just to get your emotional support.

It sounds weird but women do that when they truly love you. She wants to connect with you emotionally because you’re the one she has chosen.

10: She Wants To Meet Your Family Members

According to, one of the most promising signs she wants a serious relationship with you is if she’s casually or directly conveyed her willingness to meet your friends or relatives.

You may be quite sure that the connection is getting serious. If she didn’t like to be with you long-term, it would be a waste of time to meet your family or relative.

So, it’s really wonderful if she is passionate about meeting your loved ones.

11: She Feels Jealous

She will feel jealous when you’re around another girl. Look at how she reacts when you talk to another girl, does she show any negative body signs? If yes, congrats, she hates it when you talk to a different girl. It’s a clear indication that she is serious about you.

12: She Never Forgets Your Important Days

Your best friends might not know when your birthday comes, or in some cases, your family members will forget about your birthday. But she will never forget your most important days. In fact, she will begin to remind you that your important day is about to come through messages or stories.

She won’t be able to hide her excitement for “Your” birthday because she loves you!

13: She Tries To Copy You

When I was in the second year of my college. A girl (I would not take her name) used to like me. I told her that I watch football a lot, and I said Messi is my favorite player. The next day, you won’t believe it, she changed her phone’s wallpaper to Messi wallpaper. It shocked me, and I realize that when a woman is in love with you, she always tries to copy whatever you like.

14: She Spends Her Important Holidays With You

According to Lovepanky, Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, she’ll make sure to finish those holidays with you. She’ll even spend the leaves with your family or invite you to her house. Either way, this is a massive sign she’s serious about you as she’s allowing you into her inner circle.

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