How To Attract Girls Without TalkingHow To Attract Girls Without Talking

Attracting girls without actually talking to them may seem like an impossible job, but let me tell you, attraction isn’t just limited to communication, it is much more than that.

There are in fact many things you can do to attract girls. In this post, I’ll share some effective tips with you, so make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info.

Let’s begin!

1: It’s All About Confidence

I believe, in the 90s, men used to have more confidence because social media wasn’t available at that time. But now, this is a social media age, almost every young man is on it, and that’s a big problem.

According to some studies, social media can impact self-confidence. Men in the 90s used to take responsibility at an early age, and you may already know that taking responsibility can easily boost confidence.

But now, most young men don’t take responsibility and spend most of their time on social media, and that is impacting their self-confidence a lot.

Without confidence, it’s impossible to achieve what you want in life. It is absolutely necessary. Those who have confidence, instantly grab attention.

Girls give them more attention, in fact, confidence is one of the most attractive traits. If you have it, then it would be very difficult for girls to ignore you.

However, becoming confident isn’t possible in just one day, it takes time. Set small goals, and complete them. Meet new people, and make new friends. Engage in conversation more, by taking all these actions, you will notice that your self-confidence is now much better than it used to be.

You can watch videos about to increase confidence, there are many great videos available online. For instance, the video by Better Ideas has explained how you can be confident by following these 5 simple ways:

2: Wear Nice Clothes

Girls do notice how good or bad your clothes are. Good fashion can easily make you appear different than the rest, girls will take you much more seriously.

You will not have to talk to any girl to attract her if you have worn attractive attire.

Your clothes will do the job for you. But once you see that your crush is noticing you, then you should at least say Hi to her. Because most girls never talk first. And as you have worn some fashionable clothes, she will definitely give you a positive response.

Furthermore, according to a study, good clothes can make you feel confident. In the first point, I’ve already explained why confidence is crucial.

3: Maintain Longer Eye Contact

Maintaining longer eye contact may seem easy for some of you, but it’s actually one of the most difficult things to do, especially, with someone we find really attractive.

Holding longer eye contact with girls needs a lot of confidence. It is a powerful trick too! If you know how to do it properly, you’ll be unstoppable.

Once you learned how to hold eye contact longer, then try to look at your crush, and hold your eye contact with her for at least 3 seconds. It will subconsciously make her think that you like her.

But make sure to not do it for more than 5 seconds if you are a stranger to her. Just look at her with your emotion full eye for 3 seconds and that’s it!

Also, looking in the eyes is a sign of confidence. Practice eye contact with the help of this video below:

4: Develop A Quality

Guys who know how to sing well or dance will always be attractive to girls. If you don’t have any special qualities, why would a girl feel attracted to you?

You have to have a quality, a special quality that can make you different than the rest. If you are a student, you have to defeat your class topper and score better marks than him, so that girls in your class can take you seriously.

Girls feel attracted to men who are unique, it’s natural. Singing, dancing, scoring higher marks, or being good at something indirectly tells women that you have something different.

Develop a quality if you don’t have any, or work on the qualities that you already possess.

5: Keep Your Head High

Walk with confidence. Keeping your head down while walking, indirectly tells people that you are not confident, or you are having a bad time. Girls will not come close to you because you won’t look approachable.

Keep your head up and look people in eyes. It will make you feel better and more confident too!

6: Take Parts In Events

If have any talent to show and your college, school or city is about to organize an event, and it is possible for you to take part in it, then don’t wait, take part in that event.

Don’t let the opportunities to become famous go away from you. By taking participation in those events, you are opening tons of opportunities to meet new girls.

Again, taking participation in events will make you different, so don’t ignore it, showcase your talent to the world.

7: Help Others

Girls love those guys who are always ready to help others. It’s a really attractive quality!

If she is asking for help, then help her without any demands. But, make sure to not help her in everything, otherwise, she will start to take advantage of you.

Understand your limits, you don’t want to be her servant, you want to be her life partner, right?

8: Become Rich

I know it’s not easy to become rich, but money is something that can easily make you attractive. Those who say that girls don’t care about your bank balance are just lying.

Girls do care about how much money you make, and according to me, they should care about it, because they all deserve a life partner who can give their children a better future, why would they go for a broke?

If you are in your 20s and haven’t got enough money, instead of learning about how to attract girls, you should be learning about how to build wealth.

A wise man once said, run behind money, women will run behind you!

9: Learn Humour

Girls just adore funny guys, in fact, everyone loves them. In this stressful world, we want someone who can make our day better with their hilarious stories and jokes.

Learning how to make people laugh isn’t possible in one or two days, you have to spend your time with the person who has mastered this art.

Observe how he generates humor, and try to do the same. At first, it will be difficult for you, but after some time, you’ll surely be able to make people laugh!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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