Leo Man Blocked Me On Social MediaLeo Man Blocked Me On Social Media

It feels terrible when we get blocked by someone we like a lot. However, crying over it and blaming yourself won’t be helpful.

Instead, you should find out the reason why he blocked you and how can you get unblocked by him.

I normally don’t advise people to go back to the same person who didn’t respect you in the first place and blocked you without any big reason, but if you love him a lot and can’t imagine a moment without him, then fixing the problem that occurred and lead him to block you becomes crucial.

Today, in this post, I’ll discuss the Leo zodiac sign. If he is a Leo and he blocked you without informing you anything, then this article might help.

1: Your Words Hurt Him

Leos are good at hiding their feelings. They are generally friendly and calm, but when someone hurts them, they can take action and block that person on social media.

They will also either limit or completely stop their meetings with that person. It is because Leos are sensitive people, they may seem very strong character-wise, but deep inside they are emotionally weak.

They don’t forget the person who hurt them easily.

Recall the moments before he blocked you, did you say something mean to him? If you said something that was harsh, well you are in trouble as he may not unblock you forever.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to go and meet him asap, or connect him with a video call (on any other social media) and say sorry. Even though Leos have a strong character, they have a friendly heart too. He will surely accept your apology!

2: He Found Out That You Have A Boyfriend

Seeing your love with another person hurts badly, maybe that terrible feeling made him block you.

It is possible that he didn’t know that you had a boyfriend. When he found out, he thought to silently get out of your life, and that’s why he perhaps blocked you on social media.

Leos don’t like to express themselves a lot; instead, they like to take action quietly, and that could be the reason why he didn’t tell you anything before taking this action.

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3: He Doesn’t Like You

It might be a little hard to digest for you, but it is possible that he doesn’t like you.

When a Leo man doesn’t have any love for you, he will not give fast replies to your messages, he won’t respond to your stories, and in some cases, he can block you as well.

Were you getting quick replies from him? Was he ignoring your messages? Ask yourself questions like these and you’ll get your answer.

I know it’s hard to forget about someone you loved so much, I’ve gone through this pain and many are suffering currently, but crying about it won’t help you in getting out of this situation, instead it will push you deeper and deeper.

Get over his thoughts and focus on your career, life is awesome, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself a better partner!

4: He Has A Girlfriend

If he has a girlfriend and he loves her a lot, it is possible that he blocked you because he doesn’t want any future troubles between him and his partner.

Some Leos are very loyal to their partner, in fact, Leo is among the most loyal zodiac signs. YourTango.com (A Trusted Source), listed Leo as number three in their list of most loyal zodiac signs.

Also, Leos don’t like to disclose their love life in public. They like to keep their love life a secret. Maybe that’s why you didn’t notice that he had a girlfriend.

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5: He Hasn’t Blocked You But Disabled His Account

Are you sure he blocked you? It is possible that he has simply deactivated his account temporarily or stopped using that social media.

Finding out whether we have been blocked or not is actually challenging.

To find out you can take the help of your friend.

Ask them to search his account, and if they are able to see his account, it means that he has blocked you, but if they are also unable to find his account, it means that he has temporarily or maybe permanently deleted his account.

If he has deactivated his account, then stop worrying as nothing wrong has happened between you and him.

6: He Wants Your Attention

Some Leo men are weird, they do silly things to get attention. He may have taken this action because he wants you to talk to him.

I know it is a little weird way to catch someone’s attention, but it surely works. You are here reading this post tells that his trick has worked well!

If this is the reason behind his mysterious block, it is highly likely that he will unblock you soon.

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7: You Were Disturbing Him

Some men are very dedicated to their goals. They don’t like any distractions. Maybe you were pushing him away from his goals, and because of that, he took that action.

These kinds of men are rare, they are true gems because that level of dedication is uncommon. The good thing is that he might unblock you once he achieves his goals, but we can’t say anything.

You should also take your career seriously because once you have more money in your bank account, you’ll have a huge list of guys waiting for your dates too!

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