Leo Man Is Ignoring Me (7 Highly Likely Reasons)

Even though they are among the most expressive zodiac signs, understanding a Leo is still quite challenging.

If Leo man is ignoring you, it might mean something serious.

However, it may also mean that he is just playing with you, as I said, understanding a Leo is hard, but we can still find out what’s going on inside their mind if we focus on the subtle signs Leo gives when they are mad at us about something.

Let’s find out what it means when Leo man ignores you:

1: He Is Sad

When Leos feel sad, they like to spend their time alone. They might ignore their friends and loved ones as well because when they feel sad, they don’t wanna engage in any kind of conversation.

They like to deal with their problems alone, it is because their ruling planet is Sun, and Sun is the leading body in the Solar system.

People who are connected to Sun, like to fix their problems on their own, they don’t like to take help from others.

If a Leo is sad, you’ll easily be able to detect it by looking at their facial and body expression. They will look sad, their energy will be low, and they’ll communicate less.

They will also ignore people. So if a Leo man ignored you, it is highly likely that he going through a tough phase right now, and leaving him alone might be more beneficial for you.

Also, you can use social media to communicate with him. Drop a message and see if he replies.

2: He Is Deliberately Doing It

Sometimes Leos do these kinds of things to catch the attention of their crush. It is very common.

If this is the reason, he would certainly become normal after some days.

Furthermore, if you are not giving your Leo friend or boyfriend enough time nowadays. It is possible that he doing that just to get the same attention he used to get from you.

Give him your attention, he will become normal and stop ignoring you.

3: He Is Mad At You

Leo men are generally peaceful and happy people, but when they get mad, the Lion inside them wakes up. Recall the moments, did you hurt him? Or did you say something offensive to him?

If yes, then I guess you have got your answer. You may have hurt him with your words, and that’s why he stopped talking to you.

Leos are good at forgiving, so if you say sorry to him. He may forgive you!

4: He Thinks You Are Out Of His League

Perhaps you are just too stunning for him. Leos have a problem, they assume a lot of things. Maybe he has assumed that you won’t accept him no matter how hard he tries.

You might see him looking at you multiple times. See how many times he looks at you and makes strong eye contact with you.

If you catch him doing that more than two times, it is highly likely that he finds you hot, but believes that you are just too hot for him and you will not date him even if he does his best to win your heart.

In this case, if you like him, just go and talk to him as he may take an eternity to gather some courage to talk to you.

Waiting for him to make the first move would be stupid as that special moment may not come from his side forever.

So you should take the first step.

5: You Caught It Wrong

Maybe he didn’t ignore you, he just didn’t notice you. Sometimes, we think too much. Maybe the situation isn’t as bad as you believe. Just say hi again when you see him and notice how he responds.

If he responds nicely and looks normal to you, it is possible that you thought wrongly. He didn’t ignore you, but he just didn’t notice you that day.

6: He Has A Girlfriend

Leo’s ruling planet as you know is the Sun, which means honesty is in their blood. Most Leos are very faithful to their partner, they never cheat and stay honest with their partners.

If a Leo man finds you hot but already has a girlfriend, he will do his best to calm his brain down and ignore you.

Perhaps he ignored you because he thinks that if he spends more time with you, he might fall in love with you and that would be cheating and he doesn’t wanna cheat on his partner at any cost.

7: He Doesn’t Like You

It feels bad when we like someone but don’t get the same love and enthusiasm from them. It might be possible that he doesn’t find you attractive.

Leos are expressive so you can notice whether he like you or not through their actions. If he is ignoring you deliberately, it is a very strong sign that he doesn’t like you.

Move on, and focus on your career, you would get many guys once you have a bigger bank balance. Running behind someone who doesn’t like you is just stupid, you are probably wasting your time.

Use that precious time for something productive as we won’t get that time back!

Thanks for reading!

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