She Suddenly Stopped Talking To Me On Social Media (7 Likely Reasons)

So everything was going great, you were having a fun conversation with her, and you were about to tell her how important she is to you, but suddenly she stopped talking to you. Is it your story?

Well, I know it feels bad when someone we love so much stops talking to us without informing us of anything. I’ve gone through this pain, but let me tell you something, sometimes things are not that bad, we just overthink. Maybe everything is okay.

Let’s find out what may have happened.

1: She Isn’t Active

As you know, social media is very addictive. On average, a person spends 6 hours on social media. In 6 hours, you can literally do tons of things. You can learn new skills, develop the skill that you already have, or you can spend quality time with your friends or family members.

6 hours is a lot, but just imagine spending 6 hours every single day for 30 days. That’s 180 hours, it’s enough to write a mini-book.

To increase productivity, many people take some time off from social media. Perhaps she not replying to you because she has deleted social media for some time.

See her last seen if it is visible. See if she is not uploading any new pics, stories, or anything.

If she isn’t looking active to you, it is highly likely that she isn’t spending time on social media, instead, she investing that time in herself. Which is a good thing!

2: She Has Found Herself A New Partner

This might be a little hard to digest for some of you, but the chances of this are pretty high. Ignoring your messages is a strong sign that she wanna get rid of you.

When a woman likes you, she would find ways to begin a conversation, she would never ignore you.

If she has found herself another man, then the story will be different. Then, she will find ways to ignore you. She would leave your messages on seen, she will not reply quickly, and in some cases, she might even remove you from her followers list or block you.

In this case, try to find out whether she has got herself a new chat buddy or not. But the problem here is that it’s tough to find out if she is actually in love with another person or not as women are pretty good at hiding their relationships.

Still, there are three things you can do to regain her attention, but sadly, none of these three things are easy.

  • Become famous

Increase your value, and gain some popularity on social media. Once you have a large amount of fan following on social media, she would hardly resist your messages as now you have value.

  • Meet Her In Real Life

Social media is a great place to start a conversation, but if you want a serious relationship, you have to meet that person in real life.

IRL (in real life) you can find out if she is into you or not much more accurately.

  • Talk To One Of Her Close Friends

Her close friend can tell a lot about her. Ask her friend if she has a boyfriend or not, and also ask what she thinks about you.

By doing these three things, you might earn her love back.

    3: You Are Not Single

    It feels bad when we find out that the person we love so much has a partner. Maybe she loves you a lot, but when she discovered that you are not single, she decided to cut herself out of your life for some time.

    However, in this case, she might reply to your messages once she starts to feel normal.

    4: She Is Just Playing With You

    Girls sometimes do these types of things to test a man. It’s possible that she wants to know how much you want her in your life, and to find out, she decided to play with you.

    It’s a positive sign as women only test a man who they like. Stay strong and keep messaging her, but don’t go too hard. Send normal messages. She will surely come back to her normal self once she has tested you completely.

    You may also notice that she is leaving your messages on seen or sending one-word answers. Don’t let her one-word messages destroy your mood. Just reply like you usually do.

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    5: She Is Going Thorugh A Tough Phase

    We all have faced a situation where we just don’t wanna communicate with anyone. Maybe she likes you, but she is not feeling good, and that’s why she isn’t engaging with you on social media.

    If you know her or have met her IRL (in real life), go and check if she is okay. Meeting in real life is always better than communicating on social media. Maybe she will start to develop feelings for you if you keep meeting her in real life.

    6: Something Happened to Her Account

    Maybe she has lost her password or her account got deactivated because of a policy violation. Anything is possible. If she used to post daily, but now she is not, it indicates that she probably lost her account.

    In this case, you might see a new account of her in the future. If you do see a new account, it means that the older one had some issues.

    7: You Are Boring

    There was a time when a single “Hi” was enough to start a conversation, but now things have changed drastically. Now women want something new, something unique as there are many men who hit on women with new innovative messages on a regular basis.

    There is no place for boring messages nowadays. You have to be different and to be different, you need to develop humor.

    Developing humor is not easy, especially, if you are a serious person. However, you can gradually improve your humor if you start spending time with one of your funniest friends.

    It has been observed that spending time with someone funny can improve our humor as well.

    Furthermore, if you can make a woman laugh, you can win her heart too. According to studies, humor is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have.

    I hope you liked this post.

    Thanks for reading!

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