Do girls fart more than boys

Yes, girls do fart but do they fart more than boys? Well, we will find the answer here in this post. Plus you’ll learn a lot of new things today. So make sure to read the complete post.

Farting is quite common in humans and animals. In fact, it is a very normal biological process and is something everyone experiences regularly. Some individuals pass wind only a few times a day, others a lot more than that, but the average is said to be approximately 5 to 15 times a day.

Now let’s come to the topic,

Do Girls Fart More Than Boys?

No. Girls don’t fart more than boys, but when they do, it smells worst than men’s farts. According to a study conducted by Dr. Levitt discovered that women’s farts consistently contain significantly greater concentrations of hydrogen sulfide — the things that make them smell.

However, Women feel embarrassed while doing this activity, even though farting is quite common, but still, some women find it gross. So they try not to fart.

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How To Not Fart: 5 Tips

Farting is normal, but farting more than 14 times a day, tells that there is something that needs to be fixed. If you are unable to control your farts, follow the tips below.

  • 1: Increase Your Physical Activity Asap

Farting more than usual tells that you’re not physically active. Being physically active can improve your digestive system which will ultimately definitely limit your farts.

You need to start participating more in sports and running. Just sitting and reading articles like these and watching how to get fit videos won’t help.

So, buy a new pair of shoes, set up a new routine, and begin running!

  • 2: Try Some Probiotics

The digestive system contains millions of bacteria that help to crack down on foods that you take daily. Certain beneficial bacteria can break down the hydrogen gas that other bacteria grow during digestion.

According to experts, probiotics contain good bacteria, they can cure your upset stomach and treat chronic conditions like IBS.

  • 3: Avoid Soda And Coldrinks

Drinking sodas while supporting your team feels good, but you don’t realize that these sodas contain air bubbles, these air bubbles can make you burp and sometimes make you fart more. Avoid these sodas as they are bad for health too.

  • 4: Sleep Better

Take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. It reduces stress and improves your digestive system.

  • 5: Limit Gas Producing Foods

According to Healthline, some meals produce more gas than others. Certain carbohydrates are common offenders, including those with fructose, insoluble fiber, lactose, and starch. These carbs are fermented in the large intestine and have a record of causing digestive problems.

Some Fart Facts For You

These farting facts are interesting as well as hilarious. You’ll learn a lot of new things!

  • Only one percent first smell, the rest are unnoticeable
  • Some foods make your fart smell worst than the others
  • Girls fart smells more than boys because their farts contain more concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and they hold their farts more than guys.
  • You likely don’t fart as much as you think you do.
  • Farts are fast, it sounds funny but they’ve clocked in at 3.05 meters per second, which is approximately 7 miles per hour. 
  • Vegas fart more than nonvegaterian. This one is shocking but it’s true. Vegan food contains more fart-producing elements than nonveg foods.
  • Holding your fart isn’t harmful but eventually, your body is going to get that air out like a blast.

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Why Do Farts Smell So Bad?

According to, most gases passed during flatulence go unnoticed because there isn’t a smell. It may have odorless gases, like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane, but a little portion contains hydrogen sulfide, which causes it smells like rotten eggs.

Think of hydrogen sulfide as the waste of the microbes supporting you digest the indigestible. Then, there are other elements donating to smelly farts, including combinations that are byproducts from meat digested, and whether there are wastes present in the rectum when flatulence occurs.

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