Why Can't I Forget My ExWhy Can't I Forget My Ex

Removing all of the memories we have shared with our ex from our minds is one of the most difficult things to do, and even if you come back from her feelings, you can’t actually forget her completely, because she is your past, she is in your memory, and yes, you can make her feelings ineffective, but you can’t completely forget her.

If you’re here, it means you’re also struggling to forget your ex.

I’ve felt this way before, and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to this post.

In this piece, I’ll give you some great advice on how to forget her.

1: Date Again!

Getting a new girlfriend is the surest way to move on from your ex.

You might not be prepared for another relationship or you might be having trouble finding a female who can match her qualities.

However, you must realize that unless you find a new spouse, nothing will work. You’ll always be plagued by memories of her, and they might even start to prevent you from progressing economically.

That’s why, if you see a girl who you think would be wonderful for you, don’t let her go; if you do, someone else will take her and you’ll be left with another year of suffering.

If you did get another girlfriend after your breakup but it didn’t help you forget her, it’s conceivable that all of your girlfriends after her were not compatible with you, so try again unless you find your perfect match.

2: Don’t Listen To Sad Songs

Your mood can be altered by music in an instant. A piece of dance music can make us feel wonderful, a motivational rap song can inspire us to work hard, and a sad or painful tune can make us think about our ex.

When you’re alone or having a bad day, try to avoid playing depressing music because it could exacerbate the problem.

Instead, listen to upbeat music that will make you smile or dance tracks that will make you forget about her.

3: Stop Following Her

I have a strong suspicion that the majority of individuals reading this post are either using a fake account or their actual account to follow their ex on social media.

Stop focusing on what is going on in her life since social media is a place where people always attempt to project their best selves; no one ever posts about how depressed they are there.

She will always appear joyful on social media, which will make you feel sad since it will make you think that she has forgotten about you and is no longer interested in you.

Stop following her on social media since doing so will only cause you grief.

4: Accept That She Is Your Past

There is a famous quote in the series called “Peaky Blinders”. The lead character, Thomas Shelby, said, “She’s in the past. The past is not my concern. The future is no longer my concern, either”.

Be like Thomas Shelby, accept that she is your past, and move on with life. We lose many people; we meet many people in our lives; it happens to everyone, so instead of dwelling upon your past, try to make your present better.

5: Focus On Building Your Career

Not focusing on your career is arguably the worst thing you can do, especially if you are in your twenties.

Your ex’s opinions should not deter you from attaining success; rather, they should drive you to do so.

You never know what will happen if you become successful; you might make your ex envious. I know it sounds stupid, but it would be a lot of joy to make your ex feel regretful.

Additionally, concentrating more on your work will assist you to stop having thoughts of her because you’ll be kept busy and have no time to do so.

Additionally, gaining more fame or money might make you more attractive to women. Therefore, you should take all necessary steps to advance your career because it will benefit both you and your dear ones.

6: Try To Not Spend Time Alone

Being alone is a slow poison. Many unfavorable thoughts begin to enter people’s brains when they stay alone or choose to spend most of their time alone.

You might have observed that when you’re by yourself, you tend to have her thoughts. As a result, whenever you find yourself alone, attempt to either go outdoors and see your friends or use that time to develop yourself.

For instance, I’m learning to code, so whenever I’m alone myself, I try to watch coding courses to improve.

Similarly, if you enjoy music, you can use your spare time to watch vocal tutorials. The goal is to keep your mind occupied even while you’re alone.

7: Stay Away From Things Or Places That Can Remind You Of Her

A simple rule to follow if you want to forget someone is to minimize your exposure to things that remind you of her. You should avoid going to areas that remind you of her.

For example, while I was in a relationship, I used to play Mini Militia (a mobile video game) with my girlfriend online; now, when I’m not with her, I try to avoid playing that game because it triggers my memories of her.

Also, instead of going to the park where we first met, I try to go to another park. These things did assist me in some ways.

Keep the things that remind you of her away from as much as possible.

8: Hit The Gym

It has been proven that weightlifting can improve your mood. Going to the gym will not only help you put her thoughts out of your head, but it will also help you build your body and improve your appearance.

The health of the body is just as vital as wealth; in fact, in my opinion, health is far more important than money. Stop making yourself weak because of her and start working out to get bigger and more attractive. You’ll feel good if do this!

9: Meet An Expert

If you’ve tried all I’ve stated and you still can’t focus on your career or feel excessively upset as a result of your breakup, you should see an expert who can help you get over it.

I can only help you to a certain amount as a blogger, but an expert can better comprehend your problem and assist you accordingly. So, never be afraid to approach an expert!

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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