Why Am I So Unlucky? (4 Likely Reasons Why You Feel Unlucky)

Why Am I So Unlucky?

Even if you are living in a posh apartment or eating amazing food every day, this question must have come to your mind at some stage of your life.

But the problem is most of us who feel unlucky are actually not that unlucky, in fact, you are here reading this post, which means you have access to the internet, and that’s not a small thing as 37% of the world’s population or around 2.9 Billion people don’t even have access to the internet.

Ask yourself, are you really unlucky or are you just having a bad day? Well, 90% of people start to ignore all the good things that have happened in their life just because of that one unlucky day.

You literally don’t know how lucky you are if you are able to get clean water, good food, and a strong internet connection. I know these things don’t matter to you much when you are going through a terrible day, but once you start appreciating these tiny little things, life will feel much more soothing.

Think about those people who earn less than 1$ a day and don’t have access to clean water. Believe it or not, poor people appreciate their life more than us. They are happier than us just because they have gone through very rough phases in their life and they know it can’t get worse.

You should not feel low just because something didn’t go as per your plan. Get up, fight, and make things better! Stop blaming your luck for everything!

Now let’s look at why you are feeling low and unlucky:

1: Failure

We have heard many times that failure is a part of the journey, it comes to everyone and those who don’t fear it, taste success. But in reality, it is not easy to come back from a failure, especially if you have already wasted a lot of time.

After a massive failure, it is normal to curse your luck. We all feel like nothing good is going to happen in our life.

However, feeling low and unmotivated is also not an option as it will keep you on the dark side forever. Stepping up and challenging yourself is crucial if you still dream of success.

When I created my first website, I was hardly getting any visitors. I used to get only 100 visits a day even after publishing hundreds of articles, I was ready to quit but there was something that was stopping me from quitting. I decided not to quit and keep doing what I was doing to see what happens.

Now, I have multiple sites and all of them make good money and see a lot of traffic. If I had quit, I would never have got so many visits to my sites. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are just a few steps away from success, so we must keep going.

Failure teaches us a lot of things, it makes us strong. If you are feeling unlucky just because something didn’t go well, maybe it’s a time to learn from your mistake and turn your bad luck into good luck!

2: Money

Working for a company and earning a monthly salary is not the dream of many youngsters, especially, those who dream of building multi-billion dollar empires.

It’s easy to feel sad and unlucky when we are not earning enough money even after working tirelessly. We feel even worse when we see those young Instagram influencers buying mentions and crazy cars.

However, the problem is that we pay more attention to the 0.01% population who got rich by extreme luck, we don’t really compare ourselves with those who have worked their assoff to become rich.

It’s not impossible to become rich if you are working a 9 to 5 shift. You can too become insanely rich if you develop the skills that those rich guys have. Money doesn’t come easy. It requires extreme hard work and correct decisions, so use the free time you get wisely. Buy books that can teach us money-making skills.

Money shouldn’t be the reason behind your bad mood because you can make money if you change your mindset. Learn how to decrease procrastination and manage your time more efficiently.

Stop looking at those Insta Influencers who have zero talent but dad’s money to flaunt. Most of them are fakers, real rich never show off.

3: Relationship

So we just talked about failures in a career and how we can deal with them, but this is not the only field where people see failures, some people see failures in love life too.

In fact, love failures sometimes hurt more than career failures, especially, when we are in love with someone deeply. I know my words can’t heal you much if you’re going through a bad relationship, but blaming your luck isn’t gonna fix anything, in fact, it will create self-doubts and impact your confidence negatively.

Who says love can’t happen twice? It can! But for that to happen, you have to throw out those negative emotions from your mind that says that you have bad luck!

4: Looks

Beauty and height mainly depend on genes, we can’t change our face and height much unless we go for surgery, and I guess you are aware of the consequences that surgery brings. Surgery is costly too.

You might improve your looks and height a tiny bit if you do the right exercises and eat the right food, but we still can’t be 100% sure that those exercises and food will bring any changes to your body as these two things are not in our control, our genes decide how tall or how beautiful we are going to be.

Feeling unlucky is obvious when we haven’t got a good-looking face and a strong & tall body, however, these two things can’t stop you from becoming rich. Instead of crying about your looks, you must look for ways that can make your career better. Let people say whatever they wanna say, silence them with your success!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!